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Adventures of Keith Night: After a Shadow Credits


Directed byTero Kerttula
Art byTero Kerttula
Music byTero Kerttula
Original Story byTero Kerttula
Beta‑testing byJon Taylor, Anne Häkkinen
Scripting and editing byTero Kerttula
Songs titledDetective Suit, Mysterious Man, Ending the Sunset, Guitar of a Stupid Man, Blues of a Piano Man, Travelling the World, Mourning
All songs composed byTero Kerttula
All songs except "Mourning" played byTero Kerttula
"Mourning" guest appearanceJani Kerttula (on guitar)
All songs recorded atTero's apartment, Jväskylä University of Applied Science
Special thanks you's go toAnne, Sini, Jani, My parents, Jon, Chris Jones, Tomi, Timo, All of you who I have neglected during making. Sorry and thank you

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