Agassi Tennis Generation 2002 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
16 courts worldwide
Match options
Selecting players.
Pre-match, showing the pros of the Pros.
Connecting a serve.
Throwing a slice.
Presentation is excellent.
The serve bar
The player in the top court was caught unaware by this top spin shot.
Frustration kicking in.
Each location has its own scoreboard, based on the real ones.
Replays show the most dramatic shots in close up.
Behind camera, great to avoid playing facing down.
Never going to get that one...
The serve speedometer actually works.
Playing in New York, hard court.
The radar comes handy in behind view, as the field of vision is somewhat limited with lobbed balls.
That looks just like Agassi, all right.
While you can't argue calls, replay show exactly where the ball hit the court.
Returning a service can be tricky.
Lush grass. Not Wimbledon, obviously
Trying to guess where the ball is often makes you do things like this...
Going to the net.
The carpet reminds me of Capcom Sports Club.
Taking a break before changing sides.
A quick rush to the net may win a point.
PiP. Or a bug. Who knows.