Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile Credits

Oberon Games

Senior ProducerRobert Adams
DesignerJane Jensen
Creative DirectorJane Jensen
QA LeadClinton Woodbury, Chris Casey
QA EngineerJohn Curst McAuley, Rosemary DenBeste
Special ThanksZach Present (Present Creative), Megan Goodwin-Patel (IRM), Team at Agatha Christie Ltd, IRM
Based on the work ofAgatha Christie (uncredited)

Flood Light Games

Senior ProducerMaxim Golikov
ProducerAleksey Bessonov
Lead ProgrammerPavel Demchuk
Additional ProgrammerPavel Kislyak
ArtistsEugene Volyncevich, Nikolay Mihailov, Vitaliy Fomenkov
Additional ArtistsIrina Nazarova, Yulia Yatsenko, Artem Garipov, Vera Asiadouskaya
MusicStrategic Music Studio
SoundsStrategic Music Studio
Special ThanksAlexey Tomanov, Anton Saburov, Feodor Mukin

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