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Back of Box - Windows (United States):
    DAVID SUCHET as the voice of Detective HERCULE POIROT

    CLIMB ABOARD a luxurious train and play the key role in Agatha Christie's world-famous mystery Murder on the Orient Express.

    Everyone is a suspect. Question all passengers and see if you can deduce the murderer.

    Over 20 hours of thrilling investigation to keep you engrossed in the case.

    Incredible twists-and-turns and an all-new surprise ending enhance the original story.

    Explore a luxurious train and bustling stations as you search for clues to aid you in your investigation.

    Play as a brand new character and work alongside the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot to investigate a savage murder committed on a lavish train. All passengers quickly become suspects... Gather critical hints and tips from your mentor Poirot... Use your "little grey cells" to decipher clues... Put your sleuthing skills to work and pinpoint the killer. Do you have what it takes to solve the crime? Only time will tell...

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (253325) on Jun 05, 2010. (Official website; Spanish):
    A bordo de este lujoso tren podrás participar en vivo y en directo en el videojuego que recrea el famoso misterio del Asesinato en el Orient Express de Agatha Christie. El renombrado autor de videojuegos Lee Sheldon y AWE Games vuelven a colaborar para ofrecer a los forofos de las aventuras de misterio el segundo juego de la serie de Agatha Christie.

    Fiel adaptación de la novela, el juego permitirá a los jugadores subirse a este tren legendario, rico de detalles y en todo su esplendor, que sale de Estambul rumbo a París. Entre los numerosos pasajeros figura en este viaje el notorio detective belga Hércules Poirot. Un pasajero le reconoce y le pide que le proteja, pero Poirot no acepta. Al día siguiente a ese pasajero le encuentran asesinado.

    El jugador asume el papel de Antoinette Marceau, un personaje nuevo que colabora con Poirot en la investigación del brutal asesinato. En un tren repleto de sospechosos, Antoinette va a necesitar todos los indicios que Poirot le pueda aportar para descubrir al asesino.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (253325) on Jun 05, 2010. (Official website; French):
    Embarquez à bord du luxueux train de l'Orient Express, et élucidez le mystère du meurtre dans cette adaptation en jeu vidéo du célèbrissime Crime de l'Orient Express d'Agatha Christie. Le réputé concepteur, Lee Sheldon et AWE Games ont une fois de plus collaboré pour vous offrir une toute nouvelle aventure de la reine des histoires policières à rebondissement.

    Fidèle au roman, le jeu vous propose de prendre place dans le somptueux train en partance d'Istanbul pour Paris. De nombreux passagers se trouvent à bord dont le célèbre détective Belge Hercule Poirot. L'un des passagers le reconnaît et lui demande sa protection. En vain! Le lendemain, cette même personne est retrouvée assassinée.

    Incarnez alors Antoinette Marceau, un nouveau personnage et enquêtez sur le crime au côté de Poirot. Vous aurez besoin de tous les indices qu'il pourra vous donner pour démasquer l'assassin.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (253325) on Jun 05, 2010. (Official website; German):
    Reisen Sie mit an Bord des Luxuszugs und werden Sie Teil des Geschehens in diesem auf Agatha Christies berühmtem Krimi "Mord im Orientexpress" basierenden Computerspiel. Der bekannte Spieldesigner Lee Sheldon und AWE Games haben erneut zusammen gearbeitet, um für Mystery-Adventure Fans das zweite Spiel in der Agatha-Christie-Reihe herauszubringen.

    Getreu dem Roman besteigt der Spieler den verschwenderisch ausgestatteten Luxuszug, der von Istanbul nach Paris fährt. Unter den Passagieren im vollbesetzten Zug befindet sich der berühmte belgische Detektiv Hercule Poirot. Ein Mitreisender erkennt ihn und bittet ihn um Schutz, doch er lehnt ab. Am nächsten Tag wird der Passagier tot aufgefunden.

    Der Spieler schlüpft in die Rolle von Antoinette Marceau, einer neuen Figur, die an Poirots Seite an der Aufklärung des blutigen Mordes arbeitet. In einem Zug voller Verdächtiger braucht Antoinette jeden Tipp, den sie Poirot entlocken kann, um den Mörder zu finden.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (253325) on Jun 05, 2010.

Back Cover - Windows (Germany):
    Steigen Sie in den Luxuszug und spielen Sie die Hauptrolle in Agatha Christies weltberühmter Kriminalgeschichte MORD IM ORIENT EXPRESS.

    Spielen Sie einen brandneuen Charakter an der Seite des berühmten belgischen Detektivs Hercule Poirot und untersuchen Sie einen brutealen Mord an Bord des verschwenderisch ausgestattteten Luxuszuges. Schnell sind sämtliche Passagiere verdächtig den Mord begangen zu haben ... Sammeln Sie wichtige Hinweise und beachten Sie die Tipps Ihres Mentors Hercule Poirot ... Nutzen Sie Ihren Scharfsinn um Indizien zu deuten ... Lassen Sie Ihren detektivischen Fähigkeiten freien Lauf, um den Mörder dingfesst zu machen.

    Sind Sie in der Lage, das Verbrechen aufzuklären?
    • Erstaunliche Wendungen und ein überraschendes Ende erweitern die ursprüngliche Geschichte.
    • Jeder ist verdächtig. Befragen Sie alle Passsagiere und versuchen Sie, den Mörder zu erkennnen.
    • Mehr als 20 Stunden überaus spannender Nachforschungen lassen Sie diesen Fall nicht mehr beiseite legen.
    • Erkunden Sie den luxuriös ausgestatteten Zug und die belebten Bahnhöfe, während Sie nach Indizien forschen, die Ihnen bei der Untersuchung helfen.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on May 08, 2007.

Press Release (July 27, 2006):


    Suchet to be Voice of Hercule Poirot in Upcoming Mystery Adventure Video Games

    TORONTO, Canada, July 27, 2006 - DreamCatcher, Inc. today announced that it has signed British Actor David Suchet to a voice acting role for three of its upcoming Agatha Christie inspired video games. Suchet's voice will debut as Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot this fall in Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. Suchet made Detective Poirot famous through his well-known portrayals of the character in an array of television appearances.

    "We're thrilled to add David Suchet's talent to the Agatha Christie video game series," said Richard Wah Kan, President and CEO of DreamCatcher, Inc. "When players step into our games, we want them to become fully immersed in the excitement and adventure of solving an Agatha Christie-style mystery and the addition of Mr. Suchet's distinctively recognizable voice will certainly heighten that element. We can't wait to give players the delight of interacting with the Hercule Poirot they've come to love through the popular television movies."

    Suchet has become recognizable worldwide not only based on his role as Detective Poirot, but he has also graced the theatrical stage and been a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company since 1973. Suchet has a multitude of television, film and stage roles to his credit from Little Drummer Girl and Falcon and the Snowman to A Tale of Two Cities and his Tony nominated Broadway stage performance in Amadeus. More recently, he starred in The In-Laws and A Perfect Murder with Michael Douglas, Executive Decision with Kurt Russell, and in the independent film Sunday which won the Best Film Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

    Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express, due out this fall, will beckon travelers to step aboard a luxury tr ain and become part of a murder mystery where the player and Hercule Poirot must rely on their superior detective skills to find the killer in a heinous murder.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Dec 15, 2006.

Adventure Company Press Release:


    Detectives Can Now Embark on the Latest Agatha Christie Mystery Adventure

    TORONTO, Canada, November 14, 2006 - The Adventure Company, the leading publisher of adventure games, today shipped to retail its engrossing new PC game, Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express. The game is a thrilling murder mystery for both long-time and new Agatha Christie fans that presents an ideal blend of classic Queen of Crime style lifted from the pages of her acclaimed novel of the same name with additional deceptive twists and turns, making the interactive mystery a challenge for detectives of all skill levels.

    Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express draws fans in as they step aboard a lavishly appointed 1930's era train along with a cast of 25 intriguing characters led by acclaimed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, and including philanthropist Samuel Ratchett and Princess Dragomiroff, all traveling from Istanbul to London. The game adds a new main character to the storyline as well, Antoinette Marceau, a train company employee, crime buff and huge fan of Poirot's. the luxurious rail trip quickly shifts gear when a heinous murder is committed, shocking everyone aboard and fuelling a hunt for the killer.

    Poirot immediately starts to investigate and agrees to let Marceau act as his assistant, given her relentless zeal for solving crimes. In the role of Marceau, players are guided and tested at every step by Poirot, as well as other forces, as the mystery unfolds. The game is enriched by the voice of David Suchet, as Poirot, the actor who has come to epitomize the Belgian detective on TV.

    As the investigation develops, Poirot and Marceau explore clues both on and off the train. Marceau must use all of her skills to inspect every aspect of the richly detailed train in her hunt for evidence; talking to, shadowing and eavesdropping on other passengers in a search for motives. With the ongoing fear that her fellow passengers will catch on that she is snooping around, she discusses her findings and investigative strategy with Poirot, and through a built-in hint system, he arms her with new ideas and suggestions. In addition to the challenge of solving the crime, Marceau is put through her paces by Poirot, with tasks to complete, like getting the fingerprints of everyone on the train. These side tasks are critically important as players are judged on whether they would make a good detective based on how well they meet these challenges throughout the game.

    The investigation is further complicated by weather effects, such as the inclement weather in the mountainous regions, which has a jarring impact on the passengers' circumstances and the clues, sending Marceau out into a snowstorm in search of potential case breaking evidence.

    Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express is equipped with a new mapping system, where icons of each rail car appear at the top of the game screen. Players simply click on the rail car they want to visit to move quickly and easily from place to place. There is also the ability to skip through dialogue by pressing the enter key. This is particularly useful if a player returns to a certain section of the game for a clue but does not want to burn time listening to dialogue they've already heard.

    Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express is rated "T" (teen) and requires moderate system requirements including Windows 2000/XP and a 1.4 GHZ Pentium 3 processor. The game, priced at MSRP $29.99 is available throughout North America at major retail outlets where PCD games are sold.

    About Agatha Christie
    Agatha Christie, Queen of Crime, (1890-1976) is the world's best-known mystery writer. Her books have sold over a billion copies in the English language and another billion in over 45 foreign languages. She is outsold by only the bible and Shakespeare. Explore the world of Agatha Christie at

    About Chorion
    Chorion is the owner, developer and manager of creative content with the rights to key brands such as Noddy, The Famous Five, Miss Marple, Poirot, Maigret and Philip Marlowe. Visit

    About DreamCatcher Inc.
    DreamCatcher Inc. is a leading worldwide publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software. Established in 1996, the company markets its products under two popular labels: DreamCatcher Games, featuring the critically acclaimed, best-selling game Painkiller; and The Adventure Company, the number one brand for PC adventure game sales worldwide including award winning titles such as Syberia and Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None.

    DreamCatcher products include titles for the PC as well as leading hardware platforms - the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) system, the Xbox video game and entertainment system, and Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance.

    DreamCatcher's head office is located in Toronto, Canada. The company also services European, Middle Eastern and Australasian territories through its international office based in Paris, France. Visit for more information.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Dec 11, 2006.
    Climb aboard the luxurious train and become part of the famous murder mystery as you play the video game adaptation of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Famed game designer Lee Sheldon and AWE Games have teamed up once again to bring mystery adventure fans the second game in the Agatha Christie series.

    Staying true to the novel, players will step on to the lavish, richly appointed train that departs Istanbul hurtling toward Paris. The train is filled with passengers, one of whom is the high profile Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. A passenger recognizes him, asks for protection, but is turned down. The next day that individual is found dead.

    Players take on the role of Antoinette Marceau, a new character, who works alongside Poirot to investigate the savage murder. With a train filled of suspects, Antoinette will need every tip that she can garner from Poirot in order to pinpoint the killer.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Dec 11, 2006.

Game Faq Sheet - The Adventure Company website:
    The world-famous mystery novel Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie, comes alive in this all-new exciting video game adaptation. Murder on the Orient Express is filled with spectacular twists-and-turns and also includes a surprise ending that is different from the original novel.

    Aboard the historic Orient Express, as Antoinette, a new character introduced in the game, you must help the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot solve the puzzling murder of Mr. Ratchett. Is the victim really who he claimed to be? What motive would any of the passengers have that would bring them to commit this heinous crime?

    It’s up to YOU to find out!

    • An astonishing ending different from the original novel
    • Encounter unique twist-and-turns as you play an all new character, Antoinette Marceau
    • Experience the new and very creative built-in hint system as Hercule Poirot acts as your mentor and confidante
    • Veteran studio AWE Games and famed author Lee Sheldon pair up again to bring us the second video game in a series of adventures for the PC, based on novels by Agatha Christie
    • Shadow and interact with over 20 different characters throughout your investigation to gain insight on each suspect
    • Visually impressive graphics and weather effects immerse you deeper into the mystery without the requirement of expensive hardware
    • 20+ hours of engrossing gameplay

    Contributed by Jeanne (76367) on Dec 11, 2006.