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Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express Credits

101 people (94 developers, 7 thanks)

Awe Games

Project DirectorScott Nixon
Lead ProgrammerJamie Nye
Engine DevelopmentJamie Nye
Art DirectorChad Read
Executive ProducerJames M. Wheeler
Game DesignLee Sheldon
Associate ProducerTrevor Talbird
Sound FXTrevor Talbird
Lead Character AnimatorBrian Rosenfeld
Character AnimationKris Crecco, Craig Kelly, Shadows in Darkness
ArtistsCole Eastburn, Chris Remy, Alexander Alza, Udell Infante
Character ModelingShadows in Darkness
Additional ProgrammingLes Bird
Additional WritingScott Nixon
Additional ArtReelNormal
Additional Sound FXSound Ideas
Special ThanksMark Bradshaw, Aaron Runion, Michael Dubose, Paul Denson, Robert Hume, Johnny Casamassina
Based on the work ofAgatha Christie (uncredited)

The Adventure Company

ProducerMike Adams
Associate ProducerDan Dawang
Additional ProductionRobert Stevenson
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.
Global Product ManagerByron Gaum
Product ManagerChristos Andrikakis
Global Marketing DirectorLorraine Lue
Global PR CoordinatorSuzanne MacGillivray
Localization ManagerChristine Gervillié
Localization AssistantThomas Neveu
QA ManagerDan Dawang
QA LeadAllison Skerl
TestersBurt De Francesco, Kamaal Anwar, Michael Geist, Michael Ashe, Jeremy Norel, Stephen Sutton
Art DirectorJay Kinsella
Lead Packaging IllustratorRussell Challenger
Graphic Design and LayoutEsther Sucre, Trang To
WebsiteTed Thompson

FMV's By Streko Graphics

FMVSergey A. Maskinskov, Andrey Ovsyannikov, Igor Podmogilnikov, Vladimir Malakhovsky, Valery Dzhura, Magomed Baylov, Sergey Nartovich, Andrey Nartovich, Olga Lebed
Special ThanksEvgeniy Lebed

Foghorn Public Relations LLC

Co-FounderMary Leddy, Shelley Eckenroth

Music By Resnick Interactive Development, LLC

Executive ProducerTodd Resnick
ComposerJoshua R. Mosley
MasteringDavid Coleman
Recorded atResnick Enterprises - Los Angeles - CA, Selah Studios - Seattle - WA, Kinetic Grooves - New Orleans - LA

Voice Over Recording and Editorial by Resnick Enterprises

Voice Over Business ManagerTodd Resnick
London Unit:Recorded at Strong Arm Studios
CastingMike Adams
DirectorMike Adams
Production AssistantDan Dawang
Sound EngineerTodd Resnick
Post Production SupervisorTodd Resnick

Casting Services - Ken McReddie Associates Ltd, London

Casting ServicesJan Thornton, Gilly Sanguinetti, SAG - Los Angeles - Pierre Debs, C.E.S.D. - Cathey Lizzio, ICM, CAA
Hollywood Unit:Recorded at Studio Atlantis
CastingTodd Resnick
Auditions ManagerJayne Shayne
DirectorMike Adams, Lee Sheldon
Sound EngineerTodd Resnick, Jarret Holly
Post Production SupervisorTodd Resnick
Voice EditorsJesse Lee, Todd Patterson, Jared Scott, Jarrett Holly, David Coleman
StarringDavid Suchet (Hercule Poirot)
Co-StarringVanessa Marshall (Antoinette Marceau)
Also StarringNolan North, Carolyn Seymour (Princess Dragomiroff), Leigh-Allyn Baker (Countess Andrenyi / Mary Debenham), Nolan North (Edward Masterman / Cyrus Hardman / Dr. Constantine), Armando Valdez-Kennedy (Hector MacQueen / Lucien / Matteo), Sean Donnellan (Count Andrenyi / Samuel Ratchett), Lisa Long (Caroline Hubbard), Gustavo Rex (Antonio Foscarelli / Pierre Michel), Salli Saffioti (Greta Ohlsson / Hildegard Schmidt), Jeremy Saville (Klaus), Serder Burhan Kalsin (Engineer / Fireman / Ticket Collector)

Behind The Scenes Film Crew

ProducerMike Adams
DirectorMike Adams
Associate ProducerDan Dawang
Content SupervisorLorraine Lue
Production CoordinatorTodd Resnick
Lead EditorsCasey Carmack, Christian Hunt
Picture EditorChristos Andrikakis, Byron Gaum, Post Sound, Todd Resnick
Camera CrewBrian Hayes (London), Casey Carmack (Los Angeles)
Film Gear RentalsWorldwide Broadcast - Los Angeles

Chorion Ltd.

Crime Business ManagerTamsen Harward
AdministratorElaine Wiltshire
Chairman of Agatha Christie Ltd.Mathew Prichard
Game DesignLee Sheldon
VP SalesMarshall Zwicker
VP MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Legal CouncilLeslie Rosenthal
Business DevelopmentRobert Stevenson
CEORichard Wah Kan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (253358), dvdeus (879) and Jeanne (76367)

antstream tournament