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The Age of Decadence Credits

25 people (24 developers, 1 thanks)


Iron Tower StudioVince D. Weller, Nick Skolozdra (Flashback), Oscar Velzi (Elholm), Ivan Soloviov, Mazin Kassis, Eugene Mykytiuk
Special Thanks toEveryone who pre-ordered the game and supported us when we needed it the most.
ArtJason Noe, João Barradas, Roman Kychan (Ramielle), Grant Hillier
WritingScott Hamm, Gareth Fouche, Chris McNeilly, Scott Endres
Russian Translation TeamTranslation Pioneers
Alma MaterRPGCodex
MusicRyan Paul, Diego Vergara
SoundsDaniel Persson, Ghanburighan
PromotionAnton Kirei, Felipe Pepe, Brandon Dunaway, Abouni

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