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Age of Empires (Demo Version) Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen modestly informs you that you are playing the Best Real-Time Strategy Game.
Unlike the retail game, all scenarios in the trial campaign are available from the start.
A busy Stone Age settlement.
The trial version is based on a pre-release build of the game, and contains some elements that were later edited, like this tree here.
A force of Egyptian chariots fends against Greek composite bowmen.
Egyptian infantry seems to fare somewhat better, even against the dreaded Greek hoplites.
A Tool Age settlement.
Chariots and chariot archers are a good fighting force, but they are clearly outnumbered by enemy infantry and bowmen.
Who needs catapults when you have these guys? Chariot archers outrange enemy sentry towers, and chariots are quire well armoured.
This watch tower doesn't even have a chance against the war galley, which has more than double the firing range.
Farmlands are essential to support the economy.
The Battle of Kadesh was the turning point of Ramesses II's failed invasion into Hittite lands, and it paved the way for the eventual peace treaty between the two empires.
The historical Kadesh was a walled city, and you would do wisely to follow this example.
Bronze Age town centre with a market and a temple.
The Achievements screen allows to monitor the player's progress during a scenario.
The timeline graph shows population growth and Age advancements of each civilization involved.
Version information screen.
All twelve civilizations are available in multiplayer games...
...however, the technology tree is limited to the Bronze Age.