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Published by
Microsoft Studios
Distributed by
Valve Corporation
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Apr 09, 2013
Steam release
Patch History
Apr 08, 2013
Windows XP compatibility fix
Apr 23, 2013
v2.1 patch - performance tweaks, Windows DPI scaling no longer zooms the in-game perspective, default scroll speed increased, numerous multiplayer fixes
Apr 26, 2013
v2.2 beta patch - new options added (V-sync, mouselock, display modes, vegetation anti-aliasing), additional hotkeys for control groups added, multiple building unit queues implemented, bug fixes, localization fixes, multiplayer improvements
Apr 30, 2013
v2.3 patch - new options added (object shadows anti-aliasing, clamp mouse to window when in foreground), bug fixes, achievement fixes, trebuchet attack range fix, other minor changes
Jun 19, 2013
v2.5 patch - performance and UI improvements, fixed a crash caused by giving orders on Windows XP, maximum of selected objects increased from 40 to 60, tech tree view tweaks, English strings moved from .dll to .txt format, cheats for 1000 resources now give 10000 resources, lobby and general multiplayer changes
Jul 26, 2013
v2.6 patch - restored Mayan Eagle Warrior, ELO system improvements, fixed issue with Steam Overlay affecting framerate, history screen now plays correct sounds for each of the civs, in-game event notifications fixed
Sep 10, 2013
v2.7 patch - bug fixes, lobby and scenario editor improvements, scroll speed has a much wider range and is linearly adjusted, right-click scrolling and 3D animated water can now be disabled, achievement fixes, anti-cheat improvements, object shadows no longer show under the fog of war, other minor changes
Sep 20, 2013
v2.8 patch - 4v4 multiplayer games should no longer frequently crash when launching, AI players will no longer remain in Feudal Age, stability fixes, fix for garrisoning
Nov 07, 2013
v3.0 patch (compatibility with The Forgotten) - added separate access to The Forgotten content by clicking on the banner with the logo in the main menu
Nov 15, 2013
v3.0.1570 patch (hotfix) - fixes multiplayer desync issues when using certain The Forgotten maps when at least one player was using the English client and another player using a non-English client
Dec 05, 2013
v3.1 patch - bug and crash fixes, pathfinding reverted to v2.8 logic temporarily, AI and performance improvements, UI tweaks, base game sprite optimizations, Dutch localization completed, Japanese voice acting added to the campaigns, Monasteries will no longer sometimes spawn in water during CTR (capture the relic) games on Nomad, campaign changes, multiplayer improvements
Dec 12, 2013
v3.1.1645 patch (hotfix) - custom AIs should now load properly in 3.1 without requiring the filename adjustment workaround, several desync resolutions in scenarios where several people are playing multiplayer against AI opponents
Jan 17, 2014
v3.2 patch - adds a tool for uploading desync crash logs
Mar 04, 2014
v3.3 patch - adds the El Dorado campaign in The Forgotten, campaign mission bug fixes
Apr 15, 2014
v3.4 patch - added intro and outro slides for campaigns 1-4, updated the global The Forgotten campaign map, added achievements for new civilizations and campaigns, added additional scenario editor triggers (change unit armor, range and speed), scenario editor population limit can now correctly go above 200, bug and localization fixes, AI improvements, campaign fixes, improved Windows XP performance
Apr 24, 2014
v3.5 patch - adds the Prithviraj campaign in The Forgotten, added Intro and outro slide text for campaigns 1-4 in additional languages, added some new random map types for "capture the relic" mode, speed changes through triggers are now percent based, bug fixes and AI improvements
Jun 18, 2014
v3.6 patch - adds the Battles of the Forgotten campaign in The Forgotten, AI overhauled, original AI from The Conquerors added as a separate option, bug and crash fixes, new scripts added, localization updates, campaign fixes
Jun 20, 2014
v3.6a patch (hotfix) - temporarily disabled 'sn-wall-targeting-mode' that was causing some synchronization issues when the AI attacked walls, fixed an issue where villagers were sometimes stuck in building foundation, fixed two campaign scenarios where the AI would resign at the start of the game in certain cases of wonder construction, fixed a scenario editor crash when generating maps repeatedly due to incorrect calculations in player counts
Jul 31, 2014
v3.7 patch - AI improvements, script fixes, performance improvements, pathfinding memory leak fixed, bug fixes, The Forgotten asset and data fixes, added art for The Forgotten civs in the history section, monks now contribute to players' military population counts for victory point and AI tracking purposes, other minor changes
Sep 24, 2014
v3.8 patch - bug fixes, campaign fixes, AI improvements, lobby tweaks, selecting "chat" while watching a recorded game no longer pauses the game, donkey graphics fixed, new Shah graphics (The Forgotten only), wild elephant running sound fixed, relic carts wheels turn while moving
Sep 27, 2014
v3.8 patch hotfix - fixed villagers not gathering resources properly when the "aegis" cheat was enabled, a better fix for Saladin 5's Tiberias player not getting to the imperial age so it does not break other campaigns, some fixes to Bapheus that didn't quite make it into the initial patch, some small updates to the standard AI's resign behaviour, fixed an issue where the AI could look for an idle building and get a building that was not idle if that building had already started training a unit that frame
Jun 17, 2015
v4.0 patch - unified lobby for base HD Edition and The Forgotten, players without the expansion can access a limited pool of civilizations that changes daily, switching to and from The Forgotten in the main menu is removed and replaced with dataset settings, reworked Steam Workshop integration, languages can be switched from the options menu, .drs files removed and assets moved to loose files, UTF-8 encoding set for strings, scenario editor changes, new editor scripts added
Jun 23, 2015
v4.1 patch (build 4.1.669496) - performance improvements, campaigns should now work correctly for players with Chinese locale, chat commands for framerate handling added, AI improvements, UI changes, scenario editor and mod manager tweaks, fixed a crash when force closing the game while holding a Relic
Jun 26, 2015
v4.2 patch (build 4.2.673698) - chat commands for framerate handling expanded, scenario editor and mod manager tweaks, UI and history page improvements
Jul 03, 2015
v4.2 patch hotfix (build 4.2.681794) - AI tweaks, scenario editor and mod manager improvements, accepting a Steam invite should now allow players to interact with the multiplayer lobby, the multiplayer lobby screen should no longer freeze when the host if file transferring, cursors should no longer corrupt or show incorrect outlines, deleted scenarios no longer appear as the default option when creating a game, added launch option “oldschool” for those who value style over readability
Aug 13, 2015
v4.3 patch (build 4.3.729236) - performance and UI improvements, scenario editor and mod manager tweaks, Game Launcher now functions correctly with Windows 10 and its text in localized languages is corrected
Nov 05, 2015
v4.4 patch (compatibility with The African Kingdoms) - balance changes, editor tweaks, datasets and campaign missions now have icons that note which expansions they belong to, music/master volumes no longer alter the PC's mixer setting, fullscreen desktop option now updates correctly when selected, recording campaign games is now an option, localization improvements, 1000 victory achievements removed, other changes
Nov 06, 2015
v4.4 patch hotfix 1 (build 4.4.848690) - bug and crash fixes, ice terrain accessible in the base game
Nov 09, 2015
v4.4 patch hotfix 2 - bug fixes, idle villager feature fixed, organ guns no longer make llama sounds when standing, African lumbercamp shows outline behind forests, Nile Delta map no longer has unfair starting positions, caravel shows correct attack amount, small twitches in gbeto/genitour animations fixed, various new units/animals have their frame rates tweaked (more natural movement)
Nov 10, 2015
v4.4 patch hotfix 3 - fixed crash launching a new game after successfully starting a sudden death custom game, invalid scenarios upon launch fixed, siege towers no longer vulnerable to archers, singleplayer games no longer unpause while navigating menus, scenario editor shows trees properly after generating maps, joining a lobby no longer stalks a player if he presses Escape before joining, random map scripts support dots in file name, removed the campaign difficulty dialog and replaced with a drop down, custom campaigns will progress properly when completing scenarios
Nov 12, 2015
v4.4 patch hotfix 4 - new banners added showing which DLC is installed, fixed slow loading times, units on aggressive stance no longer fail to attack, Portuguese team bonus fixed, UI tweaks, Genitours no longer benefit from Recurve Bow, Arrowslits upgrade strength is no longer affected by order of tower researches, Torsion Engines now properly affect scorpions and rams, game now properly awards most valued player (MVP) awards
Nov 19, 2015
v4.5 patch - bug fixes, editor tweaks, achievements for defeating African civilizations fixed, pausing multiplayer games corrected, Restart game is no longer an option in the multiplayer options menu, flares show up in the color of the person that sent them, patrol attack spotted enemies delay reduced from 10s to 2s
Dec 02, 2015
v4.6 patch - desync fixes, the host can now select spectator (as long as there are no AI players), custom AI options are now saved between games, rollover text for maps is now displaying correctly, editor and replay system tweaks, corrected saving of The African Kingdoms campaign missions, other minor changes
Aug 23, 2016
v4.7 patch - improved desync logging, AI improvements, farms should no longer appear depleted before they’re empty, restored Save Chapter button, file names within the game should now display special characters correctly when saving and loading, unit outlines should now display correctly when Villagers are obscured by buildings and objects, water animations now correctly stop when the game is paused
Dec 13, 2016
v4.8 patch - MP restore system upgraded, rendering improvements, bug and crash fixes, main-screen.json file edited, publishing/updating more than 1 mod in a row is now possible, balance changes, The Forgotten and The African Kingdoms campaign changes
Dec 15, 2016
v4.9 patch - profiles now remember campaign progress and hotkey settings, the unit animation stutter in multiplayer games mitigated, players are no longer dropped loading into a multiplayer game when taking longer than 20 seconds, Save and Exit now handles ELO correctly, disconnecting from games when starting should no longer be possible (especially related to file transfers such as custom scenarios or MP restore games)
Dec 19, 2016
v5.0 patch (compatibility with Rise of the Rajas) - balance changes, bug fixes, numerous attack and armor type corrections, repairing Town Center in the Dark Age no longer uses stone, Yeomen and Arrowslits now affect secondary arrows
Jan 20, 2017
v5.1 patch hotfix - prospective fix that will might allow certain players that couldn't launch the game before to be able to launch it now, progression fix for Khmer campaign
Jan 20, 2017
v5.1 patch - All Tech should no longer cause errors due to Battle Elephants, lobby improvements, improvements to the Monk-Relic relationship, bug fixes
Jan 31, 2017
v5.1a patch (hotfix) - reset ELO ratings of the few affected players from 0 to the 1600 default, Trade Carts will no longer return empty handed occasionally
Apr 18, 2017
v5.3 patch - netcode improvements, bug and crash fixes, minor AI improvements, campaign mission changes, minor balance tweaks
Jun 20, 2017
v5.4 patch - several desync fixes, DirectX 9.0c memory crash handling improved, corrections for custom scenarios and campaigns (regarding population limit, team colors, ally positions, team locking), Berber Camels should now function correctly after loading into a saved game and regenerate correctly in recorded games, formatting in Spanish-language tech tree view fixed
Sep 14, 2017
v5.5 patch - minor balance changes, lobby improvements, audio for notifications should no longer overlap and cause a loud noise, audio for (un)garrisoning should no longer overlap, several desync fixes
Dec 04, 2017
v5.6 patch - bug fixes, editor and mod manager improvements, minor campaign mission fixes, minor gameplay tweaks, data restrictions now fixed for Water Nomad, Sandbank and Pacific Islands, Market buttons should now be easier to read, Huskarls trained from Castle and Barracks can now be selected together, Imperial Skirmisher and Elite Genitour are now available in Imperial Age scenarios
Jan 24, 2018
v5.7 patch - bug and crash fixes, balance changes, addressed a desync found when file transferring custom maps, restore game and save lists should now correctly show DLC requirement icons, advancing through replay chapters anad changing visibility settings should no longer cause a desync, lobby improvements
Sep 06, 2018
v5.8 patch - balance changes, fixed the issue with Siege Workshops not receiving extra HP and armor in the Imperial Age, fixed the issue causing the attack sound of Galleons to not play, fixed the issue with buildings placed on desert cracked terrain not receiving a bonus damage when being attacked, Hunting Dogs effect no longer appears in games with starting ages later than Dark Age

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