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The product of perfectionism Maw (884) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
It's even more fun to play than AoK. Sir Gofermajster (493) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A truly great add-on, well worth the money jeremy strope (171) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Overall User Score (77 votes) 4.1

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In my original review, I gave Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings, 5 GiN Gems, our highest rating, and it also went on to win GiN's Real Time Strategy Game of the Year Award for 1999. As I have nothing but praise for the Conquerors Expansion I am naturally going to give it 5 GiN Gems too. I just wish I could give it a bit of a higher rating to denote its improvement over the original.
Glide Underground (Nov 27, 2000)
This is the way an expansion pack should be done. Take a great game, fix the small issues people discover with it, and add a ton more of the same things that make the original great. In my opinion, Age of Kings with The Conquerors expansion is the best RTS on the market right now, and has an honoured spot in my hall of fame beside Warcraft II, Starcraft, and Total Annihilation.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
All in all, The Conquerors Expansion offers a ton of new elements to keep you glued to your screen for hours. Whether playing against the computer or online, The Conquerors improves an already fantastic game.
One of the few expansion packs that are worth the price. Everything that is changed works perfectly, and all of the new civs and units add flavor to the game. A must buy in every sense of the word.
There are also many game improvements. Do you hate it when your farm is exhausted and you have to find an idle villager to replant it? Well, now it automatically replants. Also, you know how ground units can be put into formations? Well, now the naval units can as well. Whenever you build a mine, mill, or lumberyard, that villager will automatically harvest the stone or gold, food, or wood respectively. And for you multiplayer freaks, there are new maps and game types. They even added commands for computer allies. This expansion really is complete.
Gameswelt (Aug 24, 2000)
Ensemble hat es geschafft, ein fast perfektes Spiel durch die Erweiterung perfekt zu machen. Nicht nur, dass dem Einzelspieler durch die neuen spannenden und hervorragend komponierten Kampagnen neuer Stoff geliefert wird, auch durch die Dutzenden kleinen Verbesserungen am Gameplay und Balancing erreicht "The Conquerors" einen neuen Höhepunkt im Echtzeit-Strategiespiel-Sektor. Sicher, die Grafik ist nicht zu 3D mutiert und dementsprechend gibt es keine 3D-Karten-Unterstützung, keine transparenten Gewässer und keine frei schwenkbare Kamera, doch dies alles tut dem Spielspass nicht wirklich Abbruch. Denn wie es Bruce Shelley so schön formulierte: "Wir werden erst zu 3D schwenken, wenn wir es in 2D nicht mehr besser hinkriegen." Dem stimme ich zu und gebe "Age of Empires II: The Conquerors" einen und 95%.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2000)
Auch wenn die Spielfrische der niedlich animierten Sprite-Einheiten ganz langsam nachlässt, ist Conquerors ein Pflichtkauf für AoE-Spieler. Das ohnehin schon sehr ausgefeilte Hauptprogramm bekommt eine hochdosierte Injektion Spieltiefe, Abwechslung und Feinschliff verpasst. Die spielerische Aufbereitung historischer Konflikte hat mich schon immer mehr fasziniert als schlecht erfundene SF-Stories. Auf die Gefahr hin, etwas undankbar zu klingen: Bei allen Verbesserungen fasziniert mich Conquerors nicht so stark wie einst das Addon Rise of Rome. Der neuen Erweiterung fehlt das überragende Knüllervolk. Auch eine zusätzliche Epoche hätte der Sache gut getan, aber da müssen wir wohl noch ein paar Jährchen bis Age 3 warten.
Game Captain (Sep 20, 2000)
Klarer Fall: Microsoft baut seine Führungsposition im Bereich Echtzeitstrategie mit The Conqueror weiter aus. Um die 60 DM kostet das Add-On. Sicher nicht bescheiden, aber ein AoE – Fan kommt nicht darum herum.
Gamezilla (Sep 19, 2000)
If you play Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, this expansion package is a must. I highly recommend this game and this expansion pack to anyone who plays computer games. If you have not tried Age of Empires: The Age of Kings, this is the time to get both the game and expansion package. Rule well, make good decisions, and you will live to reign supreme. Choose poorly and you will be trampled into dust and spread to the four corners of the earth.
ActionTrip (Sep 13, 2000)
The excellent gameplay of AoE: AoK was re-inforced with some new functions in the expansion, and with better gameplay balance. One of the biggest flaws in leading your civilization had to be babysitting your farmers. In the Aoe: AoK 2, the player had to manually order farmers, after the crops are depleted, to sow their land. Now, it is possible to reseed the farms by Mill queue. Naturally, this option wastes a lot of wood, but it is more than welcome since it nicely balances out the gameplay. So, now you can wage war on the other end of the map to your hearts content, while the peasants produce food at home. Another important improvement of villagers AI was made: when they build some resource structure (like a mill or a mine camp), and the resource is nearby, villagers won't wait for you to give them orders, they will automatically collect that resource.
The Conquerors is one of the most comprehensive expansion packs in recent memory. What impresses me most is the complete thoroughness of the additions. Instead of merely giving out a few major embellishments–and there are those–Ensemble went a number of steps further by enhancing nearly every aspect of the game. It is as though they went through and looked at everything to see what would make it better. Such thoughtfulness pays off with a very engaging and enjoyable addition to the series.
Joystick (French) (Oct, 2000)
Un excellent add-on qui, non content d'apporter des tas d'innovations, modifie parfois en profondeur les règles du premier jeu, ce qui l'améliore beaucoup. Les nouvelles campagnes figurent parmi les meilleures de ce jeu et sont toutes abordables pour le nouveau venu.
Gamer's Pulse (Sep 10, 2000)
In closing, this is a great expansion. It builds on the strengths of Age of Kings, shores up the weaknesses and generally makes me happy that I am a Real Time Strategy fan. If you have Age of Kings, you won’t regret getting the Conquerors expansion. If you don’t own Age of Kings, where the hell have you been?
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors is simply a great new addition to Age of Empires II. Not only does it offer more of everything, but it also makes enough changes so that even the old material from the original game feels new and exciting. The Conquerors is sure to please all fans of Age of Empires II.
So muss ein Spiel wirklich aussehen. AoE II: The Conquerors kann sich wirklich die Krone aufsetzen und sich als das beste Strategiespiel des Jahrtausends nennen! Kein anderes Spiel bietet einem so viele Möglichkeiten und es muss in jedes Spielregal. Das neue Addon übertrifft selbst den genialen Vorgänger um Längen...
Strategy Gaming Online (Aug 27, 2000)
Overall, The Conquerors is a first rate expansion pack that greatly enhances Age of Empires II. The campaigns are fun, the new units are interesting, and the random map generator makes the game endlessly replayable. In a series that keeps getting better and better, The Conquerors continues the trend.
The Conquerors is such a great expansion, it’s practically a sequel onto itself. Even if for some bizarre reason you’ve tired of Age of Empires II, buying this is sure to revitalize your interest.
Finally, the expansion addresses some of the minor flaws that were in the original game. Farms can now be queued up, thus making food management all the easier. Villagers also automatically know to start collecting wood, gold or stone when building a storage pit. These are the kinds of minor improvements that make a good game seem even better. Just when Age of Empires II was starting to seem a little played out, Ensemble Studios has made it a game that might just keep you up late again with The Conquerors expansion.
ESC Magazine (Oct 31, 2000)
The length of this review and the fact that it’s an expansion pack I’m reviewing should make one thing painfully obvious: There’s a lot in this little add-on. Ensemble Studios has set extremely high standards for other companies hoping to suck a franchise dry by appending successful games. So what’s wrong with it? If you like Age of Empires II, basically, nothing. The graphics look a bit dated by now but if you’re a fan of the original you definitely won’t care. The gameplay might be overall the same, but that’s a plus in the eyes of most strategy gamers. Ensemble and Microsoft likely could have gotten away with adding a lot less in this pack and still having it sell fairly well because of the loyalty already won by the quality of AoE2. Fortunately, they took a serious look at what could improve one of the finest RTS titles and fit it all into one upgrade that will fill your historical strategy fix all the way till an Age of Empires III.
This is still a pretty clean game. There is violence when there is war, but you don't see blood. There are taunts in the game but they are all clean. As for religion, this is the middle ages, the dominant faith is Catholicism, so you build fancy churches and have monks. The churches may vary depending on the civilization you choose. The expansion is easy to install you have to use the new icon to play with the expansion. There is are a couples patches out for it. Hopefully the final patches will address these issues. Until then, this is a definite buy!
Auch wenn es Age of Empires 2 nicht nötig gehabt hätte, das Add-On Conquerors macht das sehr gute Spiel zu dem Strategiespiel schlechthin. Die wenigen kleinen Schwächen wurden ausgemerzt, die Spielbalance weiter verfeinert und sinnvolle neue Extras integriert. Die Offenbarung für Echtzeitstrategie-Fans.
Japaner, Goten und Konsorten hängen Ihnen bereits zum Hals raus oder bieten keine wirkliche Herausforderung mehr? Dann sollten Sie auf jeden Fall diese Missions-CD erwerben. Die Kampagnen sorgen dank des Missions-Designs und der guten Sprachausgabe für Atmosphäre. Zwar sind sich die Missionen vom Verlauf her recht ähnlich - der König muss überleben, Gebäude sollen gefunden werden - aber auf Grund der unterschiedlichen Umgebungen und der verschieden großen Einheiten ist genügend Abwechslung vorhanden. Unterschiedliche Grafiken für die Gebäude wären aber netter gewesen. Ein Makel ist der Preis von immerhin rund 60 Mark; für eine Erweiterung ganz schön happig! Aber was soll's, die Wartezeit auf das nächste Age of Empires wird auf jeden Fall unterhaltsam verkürzt.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Richtig clever verhalten sich die Einheiten noch immer nicht, so dass beispielsweise Wikinger vor einem zugefrorenen Fjord kapitulieren und wie die Ölgötzen am Strand herumstehen, statt am Ufer entlang zum befohlenen Ziel zu wandern. Wenn die Wikinger zielstrebig marschieren, sind sie genau so stark wie die anderen Fraktionen: Die Stärken der einzelnen Völker sind perfekt ausbalanciert. Die Grafik blieb unverändert, auch die Karten sind nicht größer als in Age of Empires 2, so dass Sie nicht mit höheren Systemanforderungen rechnen müssen.
PC Joker (Sep, 2000)
Fazit: Ein Schmankerl für alle Fans komplexer Echtzeit- und Aufbaustrategie. Wer das Hauptprogramm tatsächlich noch nicht besitzt, hat jetzt einen Grund mehr, das schleunigst zu ändern - zumal auch eine komplett deutsche Version bereits in Arbeit ist.
Conquerors adds new civilizations, unique units and technologies, and more multiplayer games. What really impressed me, however, was the remarkable effort that was put into tweaking the game to improve unit balancing and overall gameplay. In some cases they went as far as changing a bonus by a measly eight percent. Villagers have been made smarter; plenty of units have been slightly altered; and they even made some more drastic changes like allowing units to garrison battering rams for improved damage and speed. While many of these changes may not be evident to the casual player of the game, AOE II junkies will definitely appreciate some of the finer points that have been addressed.
Power Unlimited (Oct, 2000)
Dit is niet alleen maar meer fun, de fun is ook verbeterd. Met nieuwe civilisaties, units, technologieën en campaigns én nog meer en betere on-line play blaast dit expansion pack Age Of Empires II nieuw leven in.
85 (Sep 25, 2000)
Une réussite indéniable qui aurait peut-être gagné à ajouter de nouvelles possibilités plutôt que de se contenter d'améliorer celle qui existaient déjà mais ne boudons pas notre plaisir, il s'agit bien d'une excellente extension pour un excellent jeu.
85 (Sep 23, 2000)
Auch wenn Conquerors ein richtiger Knüller fehlt, kann ich es trotzdem uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Die vielen Detailänderungen sind alle sehr sinnvoll und machen das Spiel noch ausbalancierter und damit auch Einsteigern gegenüber fairer. Dazu sind die neuen Komfortfunktionen wirklich sehr praktisch - man möchte sie wirklich nicht mehr missen. Wer AoE II gerne spielt, egal ob Single- oder Multiplayer, sollte sich Conquerors unbedingt zulegen!
GameSpy (Aug 16, 2000)
Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion. Much like previous installments, attention to detail and rich game play have combined to produce a very solid and enjoyable game. [...] Despite the addition of so many new elements, AoK:TC emerges incredibly balanced and well polished. You'll find no great innovations, but you will find a lot of fun.
GameSpot (Aug 25, 2000)
Released one year after Microsoft originally published the highly acclaimed real-time strategy sequel Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, the official expansion pack, The Conquerors, faces serious competition. The burgeoning real-time strategy genre has grown and changed since Age of Kings, as several impressive fully 3D tactical combat games have emerged in the past year. It almost seems as if conventional real-time strategy games are already dead - as if they've been ousted by such games as Relic's Homeworld and Massive Entertainment's Ground Control, which de-emphasize resource-gathering and focus on 3D tactical combat. But Age of Empires II: The Conquerors proves once again that the classical formula for real-time strategy games still remains effective if executed properly. It's a suitably excellent expansion to what remains as one of the best real-time strategy games to date.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2000)
Conquerors is een waardige uitbreiding voor Age of Empires 2 die door geen enkele Age of Empires 2 fan mag worden gemist.
IGN (Aug 28, 2000)
There are a lot of other balancing issues in the game -- units changes, new civilizations restrictions and possibilities but if we went into everything that's new about this game, we'd be here all night. All too often expansions are just an excuse to cash in on a game's popularity and innovation almost seems to be an afterthought. I won't say that The Conquerors takes AOE to some whole new level -- it doesn't. But what it does is enlarge the game a little beyond its original scope.
PC Gamer Brasil (Sep, 2000)
Quando recebemos a informação de que um pacote de expansão estava sendo desenvolvido para Age of Empires II, nossas mentes já começaram a maquinar. A princípio, por se tratar de um add-on, pensamos em comentário a respeito. Mas, como se trata de uma nova fronteira para um game premiado (eleito melhor jogo de estratégia de 99 por nossa equipe), resolvemos analisá-lo com carinho. Outro motivo para olharmos com muitas anteção para tudo o que leva a marca de Age of Empire, está ligado ao fato que, diferente da grande maioria dos jogos de estratégia, este é um dos poucos games que dá ao jogador a oportunidade de recriar a história a partir de acontecimentos reais.
It’s always great to get new stuff far a game you love, but there’s always the tricky question of whether you’re getting your money’s worth. THE CONQUERORS, the expansion for AGE OF EMPIRES II, has two strikes against it: 1) At $30, it’s a fairly expensive expansion pack, and 2) the original game is damn near flawless. But the real litmus test for an expansion pack is how much you would miss it if you had to go back to playing the original game without it. AGE OF EMPIRES II without THE CONQUERORS really isn’t an option anymore.
Game Over Online (Sep 07, 2000)
More to the point perhaps, does the AOE2 expansion pack make AOE2 a better game (beyond the patching issues)? Is it even the role of an expansion pack to make a game better, or just to extend the gaming experience? I'd be curious to hear what opinion people have on this subject, and maybe I'll bang out a column on the role of expansion packs in the modern gaming world: quick buck for the publisher while working on the sequel, or legitimate gaming experience? Drop me a line. I'd also be curious to know just how many people made it to the end of this review, which is long even by my standards.
Gamekult (Sep 29, 2000)
C'est presque une habitude mais on s'en lasse pas ! Ensemble Studios réalise avec Conquerors une extension remarquable qui préserve tout le gameplay d'un Age of Empires II : The Age of Kings tout en ajoutant suffisamment d'éléments pour renouveler les stratégies. L'esthétique ne varie pas (2D) mais l'univers s'enrichit et certains détails du support principal sont même corrigés. Conquerors ne peut être considéré autrement qu'indispensable pour tous les fans de cette incontournable saga du stratégie en temps réel !
Gameguru Mania (Aug 13, 2000)
The Conquerors seems to be an excellent add-on for an already excellent game, with plenty of new additions for hard-core Age of Empires players as well as further improvements to the gameplay for newbies to the series.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
When all's said and done, Ensemble has to be congratulated for putting so much effort into what is, after all, an expansion pack. It's always a good sign when developers play their own games to the extent that they are able to make significant improvements to the gameplay in the way that's demonstrated here. If you've tried AOE II previously and found it doesn't really tingle your taste buds, I couldn't in all honesty say that this expansion set is going to make you change your mind. But if you're a hardened addict, then you'll find plenty here to maintain your interest for some time to come.
75 (Aug 13, 2006)
Un an après la sortie d’Age of Kings, The Conquerors débarque en magasin. Une expansion placée sous le signe de l’exotisme et de l’évasion. Le thème historique se situe du coté des grandes découvertes et de la conquête de l’Amérique, à l’image des trois nouvelles civilisations que sont les Mayas, les Aztèques et les Espagnols. Voilà qui devrait en rafraîchir quelques-uns ! The Conquerors est une expansion des plus classiques avec ses différents apports bienvenus : des éléments de gameplay, cinq nouvelles civilisations, des unités, des technologies, des Campagnes, etc. Bref, pas de révolution mais un travail sérieux de l’équipe américaine ES, qui ravira sans aucun doute tous les fans d’Age of Kings.
Gry OnLine (Jan 17, 2001)
Co prawda ponarzekałem sobie trochę i chyba miałem po temu powody, wciąż jednak uważam, że opisywany tytuł zasługuje na uwagę z powodu tzn. grywalności. Najbardziej brakowało mi w Conqerors Expansion pewnych elementów, które weszły do kanonu RTS dzięki grze Tzar, a mam tu na myśli tzw. elementy RPG, czyli np. możliwość osiągania przez szeregowe jednostki poziomów doświadczenia, zwiększających ich umiejętności bojowe. The Conquerors Expansion stanowi bez wątpienia atrakcję dla zagorzałych fanów serii, ale każdy zwolennik strategii czasu rzeczywistego, który dotychczas nie zetknął się z AoE może znaleźć dla siebie smakowity kąsek.
Absolute Games ( (Aug 14, 2000)
От сухих фич можно перейти и к главному. Новых рас, как я уже отметил, пять: варвары, ацтеки, майя, корейцы и испанцы. Каждая, как здесь принято, чем-то отличается от других, что, несомненно, является коньком игры, особенно учитывая количество национальностей. Но это лирика. Самое главное — кампании. Им вполне можно посвятить отдельную песню. Их не так много, всего пять, по одной за каждую новую расу. Причем, что очень странно, корейцам доступны сразу все миссии в кампании. Дискриминация, однако. Но по интересности кампании в Conquerors одни из лучших, что я видел в подобных играх.