Age of Empires III Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen.
Main Menu
Your colony is under attack!
Weapon cache destroyed.
Bombarding enemy town.
Welcome to the Caribbean...
Sea battle.
Destroying enemy naval base.
The alliance with Aztecs.
Distributing new card in our Home City.
Home City.
A thriving city.
Fire ships.
A great cannon.
An indian village.
Attack from the sea.
Russian village is under attack.
Upgrading to trains will enhance trade routes.
Attacking enemy outpost.
With so great power, the Russian village will be destroyed in five minutes.
Attacking the Boneguard city.
Take no prisoners!
Havana once again.
We must defend this port, until U.S. Navy arrives.
The Portuguese city of Lisbon.
Attacking the enemy base (multiplayer).
This is the standard battle between the Portuguese and Russians.