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Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome (Demo Version) Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

All campaign missions are already unlocked, just like in the demo of the original Age of Empires.
As usual, historical background is provided for each mission, along with a nicely drawn map.
Slingers are available from the Barracks in the Tool Age, and their primary purpose is to serve as a counter for archers. They require stone to produce, which is less common than wood.
A Tool Age fighting force consisting of Axemen, Bowmen and Slingers.
A Bronze Age Carthaginian city, showing the new Roman style architecture. A closer look reveals much similarity to the Greek style from the original game.
Camel Riders are supposed to be a good counter for cavalry units.
A Fire Galley can quickly burn down any enemy ship. Carthaginians also receive an additional bonus to the attack of these units as their special power.
Whoosh! That was a Roman Catapult Trireme by the way.
Elephant Archers are excellent ranged units, and supporting them with siege weaponry and priests makes for a powerful combo.
In a naval battle, it is wise to support Fire Galleys with other ships, or else the enemy might try to take advantage of their range and take out the slower Fire Galleys with hit-and-run tactics.
Like other cavalry units, Camel Riders can be used to quickly take out siege weaponry.
Version information screen.
Current score and detailed game statistics can be viewed at any time during play at the achievements screen.
Multiplayer game settings. Only four civilizations are available, and computer opponents are disabled in the trial version.
Multiplayer map settings. The random map feature is also not accessible.