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Age of Empires Credits

Microsoft - Testing

Test LeadChris Haddan
TesterJames Evans, Scott Gerlach, Mark Thomas, Christopher Liu II, Sean Kellogg, Shelina Gowani
Hardware Config TesterHarold Ryan, Paul H. Gradwohl
Test ManagerBrian Bennink
Japanese Language TesterChris Ganje

Microsoft - Management

Program ManagerTim Znamenacek
Public RelationsDavid Hufford
MarketingChris DiCesare
Product Unit ManagerStuart Moulder
General ManagerEd Fries
Product PlannerEdward Ventura

Microsoft - Setup Development

Setup Development ManagerCraig Henry
Setup Art DirectorDouglas Herring
Setup DeveloperRich Eizenhoefer
Setup Design and ArtLeigh Kellogg
Setup ToolsChris Haddan

Microsoft - Online Help

Online Help ArtConnie Braat, Anna Doherty
Online Help TesterThomas Simmons
Content CoordinationKathleen Billington

Microsoft - Support

Technical Support LeadSteven Kastner
Beta CoordinatorAndy Wood

Microsoft - User Education

User Assistance ManagerJo Tyo
EditorAmy Robison
User Assistance WriterKelly Bell

Microsoft - Localization

LocalizationLaurence Krzemien-Smith
Localisation ManagementPaul Delany, Jonathon Young, Laurence Krzemien-Smith, Peter Connelly

Microsoft - Graphic Layout and Design

Print Layout and DesignJoAnne Williams
User Assistance Art DirectorJennifer Epps

Ensemble Studios - Design

LeadRick Goodman
Bruce Campbell Shelley, Brian Sullivan

Ensemble Studios - Programming

LeadAngelo Laudon
Timothy A. Deen, Mark Terrano, Dave Pottinger, Matt Pritchard, David Lewis, Mickey Kawick, Bill Schofield

Ensemble Studios - Art

LeadBrad J. Crow
Scott Winsett, Thonny S. Namuonglo, Sean Wolff, Duncan McKissick, Don Gagen, Herb Ellwood, Duane Santos, David Deen

Ensemble Studios - Music

David Rippy, Stephen Rippy

Ensemble Studios - Sound

Chris Rippy

Ensemble Studios - Scenarios & QA

Ian M. Fischer, John Evanson, Sandy Petersen

Ensemble Studios - Administration

Nellie Sherman

Ensemble Studios - PR

Jackie Chapman

Ensemble Studios - Production

Tony Allen Goodman

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Bruce Campbell Shelley, 36 other games
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Jo Tyo, 30 other games
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Tim Znamenacek, 25 other games
Peter Connelly, 23 other games
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Kelly Bell, 20 other games
Edward Ventura, 20 other games
Connie Braat, 20 other games
Jonathon Young, 18 other games
Chris DiCesare, 18 other games
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Laurence Krzemien-Smith, 16 other games
John Evanson, 16 other games
Chris Rippy, 15 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by chrishad (10), formercontrib (159304), Kic'N (4348) and Tatar_Khan (678)