Age of Empires Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Opening sequence
Beginners exploring.
The start for the Glory of Greece scenario
The Greeks against the Persian navy at Thermopylae! (On a custom made map.) Which actually happened I might add.
Victory for Athens!
Battling the Persians with an actual 300 Greek phalanx. Though not entirely visible.
Trial mission: a battle between Egyptians and Greeks.
There come reinforcements...
Four galleys against one? It's unfair...
My village is growing...
In this mission you have to capture ruins in enemy's territory.
Two priests and no town center? How am I supposed to win?
Priests can convert enemy's units into yours.
Villagers are usually peaceful, but when they get annoyed...
A Hatti village.
Damaged boat
Collecting fruits
archer shoots to enemy worker
Come here!
Attack on enemy war machine
Decisive clash
Catapult has no chance
Creating a scenario