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Age of Wonders Credits

45 people (41 developers, 4 thanks)

Triumph Studios and Epic Games

DesignLennart Sas, Arno van Wingerden
Lead ProgrammingArno van Wingerden
ProgrammingJosh Farley
Music / Sound ProgrammingCarlo Vogelsang
Level / Scenario DesignDoug Gibson, Arnout Sas, Menno Sas, Hugo van Wingerden
SoundNando Eweg
DirectorLennart Sas
Writing / Dialogue / StoryRaymond Bingham
Graphics / ArtworkThomas Cardin, Roy Postma, Lennart Sas
MusicMichiel van den Bos
DocumentationRaymond Bingham
SupportMark A. Rein, Jay Wilbur
PlaytestingCliff Benjamin, Ian Calderon, Ted Stephenson, Hugo van Wingerden
Special Thanks ToArjan Brussee, Daniel Cook, Dietmer Tan, Eelco van der Snoek
Internet Mail SuiteArgo Software Design

Gathering of Developers

CEOMike Wilson, Harry A. Miller IV
PresidentHarry A. Miller IV
VP of MarketingJim Bloom
CFORick Stults
Corporate DevelopmentBinu Philip
Director of MediaDoug Myres
SalesDavid Gershik
OperationsTerry Nagy
AdministrativeJoanna Carr-Brown
Online SupportTempest Digital
Concrete SupportRich Vos, Jason Birdwell, Kyle Hlavenka, Shane Love, Mike Holcombe, Jerrod Lai

Manual Creation

AuthorshipStratos Group, Raymond Bingham
Design and PrintingMars Publishing
Mars Publishing - PublisherEdwin E. Steussy
Mars Publishing - Managing CoordinatorAmy I. Yancey
Mars Publishing - Graphic ArtistMichael Duggan
Mars Publishing - Project EditorLars H. Petersen

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Mike Wilson, 106 other games
Harry A. Miller IV, 90 other games
Mark A. Rein, 81 other games
Jay Wilbur, 73 other games
Rick Stults, 65 other games
David Gershik, 41 other games
Carlo Vogelsang, 37 other games
Terry Nagy, 32 other games
Jim Bloom, 25 other games
Arjan Brussee, 21 other games
Doug Myres, 21 other games
Daniel Cook, 21 other games
Binu Philip, 15 other games
Rich Vos, 14 other games
Lennart Sas, 10 other games
Edwin E. Steussy, 10 other games
Arno van Wingerden, 9 other games
Jason Birdwell, 9 other games
Nando Eweg, 9 other games
Michiel van den Bos, 9 other games
Shane Love, 9 other games
Roy Postma, 7 other games
Arnout Sas, 6 other games
Jerrod Lai, 6 other games
Amy I. Yancey, 6 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Tomer Gabel (4643), Wizo (29536), formercontrib (158490) and Accatone (5318)