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Agharta: The Hollow Earth Credits (Windows)

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Agharta: The Hollow Earth Credits


Landscape DesignStefan Gadnell
AtmosphereAnders Backman, Stefan Gadnell
Special EffectsAnders Backman
Cursor EngineAnders Backman
Scene ScriptingAnders Backman, Stefan Gadnell
Character AnimationEckhardt Milz
Animal DesignEckhardt Milz
Animal BehaviorEckhardt Milz, Stefan Gadnell, Anders Backman
CameraStefan Gadnell
Camera SystemAnders Backman
LightningStefan Gadnell
MusicStefan Gadnell
Sound EffectsStefan Gadnell
Original ConceptAnders Backman
StoryAnders Backman
Story DevelopmentEckhardt Milz, Stefan Gadnell, Anders Backman
Puzzle DesignStefan Gadnell, Anders Backman
Conceptual ArtEckhardt Milz
IllustrationEckhardt Milz
Box ArtworkEckhardt Milz
CD Artwork/BookletEckhardt Milz
Ingame Book DesignStefan Gadnell
Ingame Book TextAnders Backman
Diary ArtEckhardt Milz
Diary TextAnders Backman
ProgrammingAnders Backman
PortingAnders Backman
Tool DesignAnders Backman
Animation EngineAnders Backman
AI EngineAnders Backman
LOS EngineAnders Backman
Ambiance EngineAnders Backman
Game InstallerStefan Gadnell

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