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atari kombinera

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Game Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
On the whole, however, this is a fine product, and is only hampered by its requirements. The in-flight graphics are fine, the cinematic mission briefings are entertaining, and even the in-flight music (a raucous hard-rock rhythm) serves as a proper backdrop to such an exciting game.
GameSpot (Jan 23, 1997)
Virgin Interactive Entertainment, in an attempt to merge the realism of a flight sim with the excitement of an arcade flying shooter, have brought us Agile Warrior F-111X. I am sorry to say… wait! But I'm not sorry to say that this game falls far short of being exciting, immerseful, or any of that other positive game jargon you frequently come across in gaming rags. Put simply, when I was playing this game, my knuckles weren't white because I was clenching my fists with excitement - they were white because I was pulling my hair out in handfuls.
PC Gamer (1997)
Even die-hard shooter fans will find this insipid and uninspired.
For all the criticism Microsoft’s Hellbender got last year, it at least showed off the graphics potential of the PC. Agile Warrior F-111X refuses to do even that. The clouds are laughably two-dimensional, the enemies are uninspired, and the landscape is barren and hardly textured at all. There are far better arcade shooters on the market than Agile Warrior. Avoid this clumsy waste of time.
Und noch ein Kandidat aus der Rubrik "Überflüssige PlayStation-Konvertierungen", der die Frage aufwirft: Wann geht es endlich in die Köpfe der Spieleproduzenten, daß ein Titel, der auf der Sony-Konsole bereits floppte, sicherlich keine Zukunft auf dem knallharten PC-Markt hat? Das beginnt bei der bestenfalls mittelprächtigen Grafik, setzt sich über den unausgewogenen Schwierigkeitsgrad fort und endet im komplett fehlenden Spieldesign.
Trouble is (as we’ve droned over and over again), there’s just not a lot of reason to port what is essentially a console-based, shooting-gallery type of game to a Windows 95 platform. Other than prove that a $2500+ setup can compete under the right programming conditions with a $149 console attached to the TV, this game has little reason for existence on a PC. There are many more suitable quick action games for the platform, with much greater variety of control and a play style more suited for PC gamers than you’ll find here.

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