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Air Conflicts: Air Battles of World War II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Game configuration screen opens prior to each launch.
Main game loading screen, also used when loading missions.
If you have no prior pilot profile, you must make one before the game can start.
Also the pilot must choose a side to fly for: Great Britain, Germany or Russia.
At last we get to the game main menu. The aircraft alternates between the available models while we are in this menu.
In-game options here are mostly the same as on the first screen.
In the gallery we can study the available player aircraft. Here is the German Ju-87 Stuka.
Gallery: British Spitfire Mk IX
Gallery: British Mosquito Mk IV
Gallery: Russian La-5FN
Gallery: German Bf 109F-2
Gallery: German He 111H-2
Gallery: Russian IL2 Type 3
Gallery: Ilyushin DB3 bomber
Gallery: German Ho-229/Go-229 jet fighter bomber (only a few experimental planes were made, did not take part in the war)
Gallery: British Gloster Meteor. (Entered service in mid-44)
Gallery: British Avro Lancaster
Gallery: Russian BI 1 jet fighter (only a few experimental planes were made, did not take part in the war)
The credits menu scrolls the developer names over a vintage photo of some British (?) airmen.
Starting a Russian campaign for my pilot - the German plane on screen is just part of the constantly changing background.
Campaign information - the Winter campaign is over Finland.
We start with Fighter Training in April 1939; the suggested plane is the LA-5 which did not exist at the time. Realism isn't the forte of this game.
Fighting is done against your own forces, using 'blanks', which happens to work just as well as ordinary ammo.
If taking off is too hard for you, just press the magic key and the plane takes off automatically. 4000 bullets, 10 rockets and 10 bombs seems to weigh nothing.
The 3:rd person view is the only one in this game, though the camera moves around a bit depending on how you fly.
I'm gonna get that red arrow, and the big guy who shot it at me!
There is my target, is he trying to escape?
This smoke effect tells me he has lit his peace-pipe. Two more enemies to go
Done with all aircraft, now for the ground targets.
Half a dozen T-34 tanks, also unavailable in 1939. Better blow them up so no-one notices.
Rockets in close quarters are a bit hazardous, but this tank is toast.
One of the risks of low-level attacks is the augering-in frequency. Well, if my shovel ain't broke, I can dig myself up again.
For successful missions, one gets rewarded, I assume.
The HQ was not impressed with my leet skillz. I could have continued the campaign, but the game crashed after this screen, and promptly forgot my valiant efforts.
The multiplayer options are Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, in various locations from the game.