Akimbo: Kung-Fu Hero Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Map of Turtle Island
Area 1 Overview
On a beach
One of the enemies in the game
You need to stock up on some fruit and vegetables if you are hungry
In a cave
Climbing a burning rope
Carrying a bomb
There's the exit
When you exit a level, a portion of the scroll is filled in and you can proceed to the next level.
Collect any keys you find, and use them to open doors
Say hello to Caliban Rock
Area 2 Overview
The Forest
You can pick enemies up, then toss them at other enemies
A castle stands in the distance
Say hello to Rhino Rabies
The poor rhino gets his head stuck in a tree
Area 3 Overview
The Ruins
This place gives me the creeps
Say hello to Bone Templar
Area 4 Overview
The Mountains
On a rolling log
Say hello to Donjon Sword
Looks like Donjon lost his leg