Alarm für Cobra 11 Credits (Windows)

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Alarm für Cobra 11 Credits

RTL Enterprises

Executive ProducerEgon Friebus

VCC Entertainment

Product Manager   Robert Kuehl
Producer Frank Schliefer
Project Leader Thomas Mahlke
Game Idea & Concept Design VCC Entertainment
Main Programming Dirk Ohlerich, John Selck, Ralf Heitmann
Vehicle Design Andrew Adam
Environment DesignMartin Woit
Additional 3D DesignOlav Marahrens, Steffen Nölle
Additional GraphicsFlorian Knappe, Thomas Mahlke
Gameplay AdjustmentJohn Selck, Ronny Pries
Level Design Thomas Mahlke, Ronny Pries
Menu Design Florian Knappe
Menu Programming Ralf Heitmann
Physics Engine Programming Dirk Ohlerich, John Selck
PC Engine ProgrammingDirk Ohlerich
PC Effects ProgrammingJohn Selck, Dirk Ohlerich
Tools ProgrammingDirk Ohlerich
AI ProgrammingJohn Selck
Intro SequenceRTL Enterprises
Sound Effects Ronny Pries
Radio MessagesBerit Juppenlatz, Christian Weikert
Recorded by Christian Weikert
PRChristian Weikert, Anke Menyesch, Heiko Neumann
Story byChristian Weikert
Special Thanks from VCC ROSA
Greetings  Lisa Marie, Charon, Mekka Symposium, SCALA Familie, and all we forgot

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (110626)