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Overall, Alganon is a great choice for players who are looking for a fantasy MMO that is not derivative of some other property (like D&D Online), is professionally designed, and…best of all…has no monthly fees.
Normally, it doesn't take this long to review an MMO. The problem with Alganon is that for one, it's simply so 'ho-hum' and simply boring that it couldn't sustain my interest for very long at all. Second, the largest issue isn't that Alganon is broken so much as that it simply is unfinished. A lot of the pre-launch gameplay features still aren't in the game, four months later. These include instances, the consignment system, companions and pets as well as deities and crusades. All of these are still currently listed on their features page. It's possible that the current change in direction may improve the game, but to be brutally honest, Alganon has a long road ahead of it for mediocrity, much less success.
Gamers Daily News (Apr 26, 2010)
Concluding all these points I would say that Quest Online have built and already started improving on the foundations of what could be a great franchise. I think they just need to come up with something else so that it stands out from the crowd that dominate the industry at the moment. It offers great potential in the way of character development and improving the gamers accessibility to the game controls but I’m not sure it’s enough to keep the servers full for a long time’. They will have to keep pulling the rabbits out of the hat to keep us entertained for long.
58 (Feb 18, 2010)
Alganon is marginally playable: a patchwork game sewn together with thin threads that keep breaking. Although MMO players have come to expect releases to be buggy to some degree, Alganon was clearly released before it had truly gone through enough development to be rid of bugs that players should expect to be handled, such as environmental and server stability, as well as a lack of content, namely instances and multi-player content. However, I will dare to say it: Alganon deserves more players than it has. It is possible that, if players give Alganon the opportunity to grow, and its developers spend honest work improving the game, it may become a small classic of its own. Alganon certainly has a flavor of its own, even with gameplay that feels too familiar to be fun at this point in time. As Alganon stands currently, however, it needs a great deal of improvement to be worth a purchase, much less a subscription.
MMOhut (2010)
Alganon is a fantasy MMORPG that looks and plays very much like World of Warcraft. The automated progression system may make it more appealing to older gamers but fewer class and race choices drag it down. The game is free to play now, but there are still several annoying restrictions to free players which is keeping Alganon’s score down.