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Alien Blast: The Encounter Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
On a planet far far away... there is destruction.
Main menu
The only defense the Space Force has is the player and the working turret he is able to find on each level.
Xenomorphs look a lot like Zerg Overlords, and like them, carry lesser enemies.
A swarm of zerglings... er... Thora, rush the player.
The objective is to defend both the level's base and the player's turret itself.
The conclusion of each level displays statistics.
The UMBK vessel drops power-ups if it survives... often at a distance.
The aliens don't play fair and will overwhelm the player with swarms of different units.
The planet's been attacked badly before the events of the game, so even the bases the player defends are made up of debris and wreckage.
Under multiple heavy attacks, the turret doesn't look to be in great shape.
Game Over screen
A full listing of each enemy in the game is available for review.