Alien Breed 2: Assault Credits

Team17 Software Ltd

Studio DirectorMartyn James Brown


ProducerIan Pickles
Production AssistantDave Wood
Comunity ManagerMark Lewis Baldwin (Mark Baldwin)


Lead ProgrammerIan Lindsey
Lead PC ProgrammerPaul Tapper
ProgrammersLaurie Dobson, John Dye, Steve Eckles, Jason Egginton, Michael Emett (Myk Emett), James Ferguson, Tom Mejias, Sam Parsons, Mike Strangeway, Colin Surridge, Charles Blessing, Simon White


Design ManagerJohn Dennis
Lead DesignersPaul Dunstan, John Eggett
DesignersPhil Banks, Robert Charlish (Rob Charlish), Mark Dimond, Nick Dry, Gavin Hood, Venita Pereira


Concept ArtJon Beeston
ComicsJon Beeston
StoryJon Beeston, John Dennis, Kelly Wand


Lead ArtistNick Gomersall
ArtistsLeanne Adams, Dave Barker, Rob Beddall (Rob Bedall), Ricardo Chamizo (Ricardo Chamizo Cruz), Chris Hogg, Rory Little, Dominik Redmer
Additional ArtworkLennie Axelsson, Kenneth Hammarstedt, Rico Holmes


Lead AnimatorJerr O'Carroll
AnimatorsBilly Allison, John Batchelor
Additional AnimationMark Taylor-Flynn


Lead Audio EngineerJay Waters
Audio EngineerOli Wood
Additional MusicAllister Brimble
Additional AudioPitstop Productions


Special Thanks ToDavid Schenone (Dave Schenone), all those who have helped Team17 turn full circle, cheers!
Translation and Localisation byUniversally Speaking
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Developed and published byTeam17 Software Limited.
Extra Special ThanksTo all those people who played and enjoyed the original Alien Breed title way back in those Amiga days, whose enthusiasm helped shape our company., To the original 1990-91 production team of, Andreas Tadic (Andreas), Rico Holmes (Rico), Peter Tuleby (Peter), Stefan Boberg (Stefan), Allister Brimble (Allister), and even the kittens whose meowing helped us create such an evocative atmosphere back in 1991., Thanks to all the people internally & externally who've helped make this retro-modern remake a reality. --Team17

PC Beta Programme

Beta testersChristian Blaß (CarlinFan), Cristian Sanchez (alphawolf), Wormetti, Koen Goedholt (Koenachtig), iveinsomnia, Kaddour Bounab (bonz), Daniel Albano (SupSuper), Meudterei, igorevc

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