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Alien: Isolation Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Game title and main menu
Meet Amanda
Cryo sleep chamber
Game save station
Approaching Sevastopol space station
Sevastopol welcomes Amanda into its dimly lit, moody corridors
At first flares are your only light sources in dark areas
Listening to a reel tape recording. Yeah, late 70-s sci-fi is awesome.
Map with helpful icons
Dark gloomy hall
Unlocking a door with maintenance jack
The survivors on Sevastopol are terrified and not friendly at all
There are several groups of survivors on the station, this group is armed and hostile
Looting a container
Access tuner is used to hack electronic locks and computers
This carpet is so late 70-s!
Did it see me? Probably not.
The android warns me about restricted access
Looking at the motion detector
Rerouting power supply can turn some systems on or off
There are USCSS Nostromo audio logs voiced by the original cast of Alien movie
The alien kills Amanda from behind
One of death animations
Poor guy... he's doomed
Anyone who enters this room will taste some Davenport Rye... the burning one.
Creating an item from various junk
Fire effects are unbelievable
When you see drool dripping from ventilation shaft, you'd better turn around and go in the opposite direction
Several marshals are still alive
Melee fight with android
Cutting a blocked door with plasma torch
15 years later, history repeats itself
The play of fire and water is remarkable
Your tools can be upgraded. Here's one of the upgrades.
Both android and the alien are after me. My chances are extremely low in this situation.
Alien barbecue
Archived logs and journals
The play of dynamic light and shadow is amazing
You got a cigarette for a dying droid?
Using a medkit
Droids literally mock me when I set them on fire, but several shotgun shells usually silence them for good.
Missing persons list
Hiding in the locker
Security cameras. If I'm spotted they'll alert the alien or the droids
Reactor core
That's definitely not the best moment to reload the revolver!
Facehugger crawling out of the egg. Ew.
Outside of the station. Visual effects are stunning.
Survivor mode. You need to find the exit while also optionally fulfilling secondary tasks. And you only get one chance.