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Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Level select
The story is told through conversations between pilot and base
Your onboard computer tells you what level you're on and who you're facing off against
As an enemy fighter explodes he leaves a bonus behind
My missiles seem bigger then the people I'm shooting them at.
Level cleared, warp outta there.
This secondary weapon explodes in a circular wave.
This electric beam weapon looks great!
Invincibility sphere.
These enemies release expanding waves of projectiles which are hard to avoid.
The enemies start to get bigger and bigger.
Pick-ups galore, but is it worth the risk?
The first enemy garrison.
Mission completion stats.
When you start the next wave your weapons are zeroed.
High score table.
Further on in the game you face these enemies who release a vapor as they explode...
Out of the vapor comes the ghost ships!
Stage five boss means business.
A wave of large ghost-ships.
This alien race's ships have a more organic look to them.
This ghostly boss releases ghost-fighters.
Try and avoid this barrage of enemy fire.
The big boss has some surprises up it's sleeve.
This is the game configuration screen.
The 'Short Instruction' screen summarises the power-ups and bonuses
When a level is complete the player's ship accelerates off screen in classic retro style
Game Over! Be prepared to see this screen many times because this game is long and challenging.
The game is available as shareware from Alawar. When downloaded and played the player sees this nag screen before the game itself loads.
Ships of this alien race look like they are built by us earthlings, meaning that this alien race could be looking identically to us earthlings.