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Alien Shooter Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Choose the character from the beefy male or the sharpshooter female
Mission Briefing and Purchase Area
The beginning: the entrance is closed.
Another way in
Buildings also locked.
Make your own entrance.
Lights out in the offices
First fight
The store rooms before battle.
The store rooms during battle.
The store rooms after battle.
The cannon. Think it's bloody now?
The cannon after a few minutes.
I'm not sure if I'll survive this swarm.
The flamethrower in the labs.
Storage facilities
What were they up to?
Night Vision goggles help spot aliens in dark levels
An overwhelming alien attack
Some doors are locked and a key, switch or explosives need to be found
Many power-ups, such as health restore can be found about the levels. And those red canisters are explosive too!
Cracks in walls can often be broken to reveal hidden power-ups, or something much much worse.
Green blood is somehow less violent than red blood