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Alert! Swarm Parasite ahead! vicrabb (7291) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.9
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.2

Critic Reviews

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The A.V. Club (Aug 09, 2010)
There’s a sense that Alien Swarm is ever so slightly derivative of Valve’s Left 4 Dead, but it manages to be just as compelling an experience, which is a high compliment. Minor quibbles aside, this is a must-play game for action gamers, especially those who enjoy playing cooperatively online…
Plné Hry (Nov 18, 2010)
I tak samozřejmě platí, že devítkové hodnocení indikuje must-have zážitek a máte-li vhodné železo i virus jménem Steam, byla by chyba Alien Swarm neokusit.
Softonic (Jul 27, 2010)
While it won't change the world, and lacks any interest if you don't want to play online, Alien Swarm is a surprisingly good free gift from Valve. The difficulty levels will challenge everyone - easy is suitable for beginners, but may still kill them off! Games are tight and exciting, with enough variety to keep you coming back. Alien Swarm is a great free multiplayer shooter, with excellent gameplay, sound and graphics.
ripten (Jul 20, 2010)
I think Alien Swarm may be the best value game on the planet. Not only is it free, the game is of premium quality all the way through. I would pay good money for this game as it is, and very good money indeed if it had a few more levels to engage me with. Valve have done it again, folks. They’ve not only created a fantastic and addictive multiplayer game, they’ve gone and made it free of charge. Often we think of reviews as a guide as to whether we should spend our our money- but in this case that doesn’t apply, so it’s a difficult one to place. What I will say is that this game is not only worth the price of admission, it’s worth the most important thing of all- your time.
Hasta los Juegos (Jul 26, 2010)
Alien Swarm es un regalo de Valve de coste cero, sin cuotas mensuales, con un buen número de servidores disponibles y que por si fuera poco viene junto a un kit de desarrollo lo cual significa más campañas en un futuro próximo y conversiones totales, pues lleva consigo el código fuente compilable. No se puede pedir más a cambio de nada.
87 (Jul 23, 2010)
Alien Swarm zeigt mal wieder die wahre Brillanz des Teams von Valve. Ein bekanntermaßen gelungenes Konzept in neuem Gewand und Setting, plus mehr Waffen denn je und einem mitgeliefertem Editor. Um Alien Swarm spielen zu können würde ich mit Freuden bezahlen – auch, wenn ich es zum Glück nicht muss.
PCActu (Jul 21, 2010)
A moins d'être réfractaire aux cadeaux servis sur des plateaux d'argent, il serait bien dommage de faire impasse sur Alien Swarm. Petit bijou vidéoludique sorti de l'imagination de modders embauchés par Valve, ce soft est sans conteste celui à télécharger de toute urgence. Grâce à ses quatre niveaux de difficultés, des graphismes dignes de productions récentes (et payantes), et de grands moments en multijoueur, le fun est omniprésent ; pour peu que l'on sache s'organiser. Evidemment, la bande sonore manque encore un peu d'âme, l'I.A. alliée laisse à désirer et les cartes sont peu nombreuses, mais nous laissons Valve peaufiner son bébé au moyen de patchs. Bref, Alien Swarm est à acheter les yeux fermés.
Spazio Games (Jul 28, 2010)
Avete un pc? Bene. Scaricate Alien Swarm. Questo non è un consiglio, è un ordine, un freeware di questo livello si vede davvero raramente e sarebbe un peccato mortale non provarlo. Non fosse per la durata della campagna principale avrebbe meritato un voto persino maggiore. Se amate gli sparatutto lo adorerete. Il gameplay è semplice solo all'apparenza e nasconde una notevole complessità che vi risulterà sempre più evidente man mano che gli dedicherete il vostro tempo, inoltre, con il kit di sviluppo a disposizione degli utenti le possibilità di crescita del gioco e della sua comunità sono enormi. Siamo davanti a uno dei migliori sparatutto co-op di sempre. Grazie del regalo Valve, abbiamo apprezzato moltissimo.
Nxt Gamer (Jul 25, 2010)
Overall the game is very fun to play in a group online with four buddies all wearing mics screaming to each other for help and blasting their way against the multiple varieties of enemies. The game only launched with one campaign but I am sure Valve will release more official maps as they are accustomed to doing to get support from the community. In addition, the game released with robust modding tools in the hope of a dedicated modding community getting behind the game and releasing lots of new content like they have for previous games. Despite it’s short length, Alien Swarm offers hours of fun for a co-op team, with plenty of variation to keep each playthrough fresh and interesting. While it might not be priceless, this is one free game that is definitely worth playing.
Gameplanet (Jul 21, 2010)
If you can't see why Valve releasing a completely free online co-op title isn't supremely awesome, we can't help you. Ups: Excellent art & sound, gameplay appears balanced, lots of servers online, simple learning curve and addictive levelling process. Downs: Does suffer a bit of the lack of missions, although this shouldn't be a major problem as the SDK is available.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug 27, 2010)
Der gemeine Redakteur ist generell erst einmal misstrauisch, wenn es etwas umsonst gibt. Zum Glück hat mich Valve eines Besseren belehrt. Alien Swarm ist ein spaßiges, forderndes, actionreiches Spiel. Das Zusammenspiel der einzelnen Charaktere klappt fast so gut wie in Left 4 Dead 2 und das Upgrade-System mit immer neuen Waffen und Gadgets motiviert lange Zeit. Jeder, der diesen Titel anspielt, wird ehrlich zugeben müssen, dass er dafür wohl auch bezahlt hätte. Wenn man dann auch noch den Editor draufrechnet, kann man Valve für seine Großzügigkeit nur danken. Tolles Spiel! Runterladen!
Alien Swarm might not be a juggernaut in terms of originality, but it’s a damn solid game, and it even comes with its own software development kit, so a slew of mods can’t be far behind. The part that I haven’t mentioned yet, and it’s perhaps the most important bullet point here, is that Alien Swarm is 100 percent free.
75 (Aug 04, 2010)
Lorsque Valve propose un titre gratuit, il ne se fiche pas de nous ! Que vous soyez joueur, modder ou les deux, Alien Swarm saura vous surprendre. Avec un concept simple et une réalisation au poil, on ne peut que se précipiter sur un titre pareil. A une époque où on vous fait payer des sommes astronomiques pour deux nouvelles cartes de jeu ou pour dix minutes de contenu additionnel ça fait du bien de voir que certains développeurs sont plus motivés par la volonté de faire partager leur passion que par l’appât du gain, chapeau messieurs ! Vous l’aurez donc compris, il ne vous reste plus qu’à courir rejoindre les rangs des marines... On se retrouve au réacteur Rydberg soldats !
Destructoid (Jul 26, 2010)
Despite the issues of repetition and somewhat contrary design choices, Alien Swarm is an enjoyable shooter at an absolute steal of a non-price. Even if you grow bored of it in five minutes, that's five minutes of free entertainment, and many players will doubtless be hooked on Alien Swarm's relentless and often challenging levels for much longer than that. It's not the greatest game in the world, but it's damn solid, damn fun, and damn well worth your time.
MMOhut (2010)
Alien Swarm is a refreshing game that can be enjoyed by both new gamers and arcade veterans. The top-down view, arcade shooter style, and cooperative gameplay come together to make Alien Swarm highly playable. Unfortunately, there are only a few official maps. Long term players will have to rely on custom made content.
GamesRadar (Jul 23, 2010)
At least Alien Swarm doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. It’s an online action shooter with plenty of things to shoot at. It might have been more atmospheric if it were in first person, but it might have been horribly broken too. So if you like blowing aliens into green little pieces, give Alien Swarm a shot. Now for those of you still on the fence, there is one more important selling point to this game: the fact that it isn’t sold at all! It’s free! That’s right, for the very reasonable price of $0, you could be blasting aliens for hours with three of your buddies.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2010)
Alien Swarm wird aus der Vogelperspektive gespielt. Sie lenken Ihr Alter Ego mit der Tastatur und bestimmen die Schussrichtung mit der Maus. Klingt einfach, aber wenn erst mal aus allen Richtungen Schwärme von insektenartigen Monstern auf Sie zustürmen, wird’s echt stressig. Zumal Alien Swarm sogar im leichtesten Schwierigkeitsgrad ganz schön schwer und taktisch anspruchsvoll ist. KI-Kollegen gibt’s entsprechend nicht. Ach, und raten Sie mal, womit die Marines schließlich (so Gott will) die fiese Alienbrut vernichten: mit einer Atombombe!