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Aliens Online Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Aliens Online title
Choose your alignment
You can play marine S.C.A.R.E mode offline
Aliens and face huggers, get out your scanner
If you were in a fireteam, you could open windows to see what the other team members were seeing.
Marines can have up to three characters on one account.
The staging area served as a global chat room, listed missions, and allowed you to form fireteams.
Marines can customize their avatar.
Each Marine character must pick a specialty, each increasing different stats.
The motion tracker works in real time, but disables your weapon to view it.
The engine featured translucent windows and dynamic lightmaps.
Vents are a dangerous place for squishy Marines. But the flamethrower helps.
The dreaded Smart Gun locks on to approaching Aliens.
Careful! Acid for blood!
Queen in the USS Coronado hive. Big and nasty.
If you're down to just the pistol, you're pretty much dead.
Aliens can only have one character, but can pick any unlocked form.
Aliens get a red-tinted vision and display all players on the minimap.
The razor claw is the Alien's primary attack.
Later patches brought the tail to the Alien's arsenal.
The engine allows for rooms over rooms, including vents ripe for ambush.
Military Base level and hand grenades, both added with patch 2.12
v2.12 added a penalty for dropping out in the middle of the level
Waste Facility level and land mine weapons, both added with v2.12
Heading into the "Undersea Base" map added in v2.12
The pulse rifle includes its attached grenade launcher. Take that, facehugger!
The engine allows you to look up and down, crouch, and jump. Aliens can also jump much higher than Marines.
Vents on the Coronado bridge... looking up and down helps you spot ambushes.