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Aliens Versus Predator 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Dr. Eisenberg and General Rykov, the game's two main villains. Rykov actually turns out to be pretty sympathetic, while Eisenberg is PURE EVIL
Oh those obnoxious aliens! Nobody cocoons my boss to the wall and gets away with it!
As a marine, you'll encounter and rescue the Player Character Predator during a mission. Later on, you'll see the encounter from the Predator's point of view.
Meeting up with a truely nasty PredAlien, half-predator, half-alien, all bringer of pain
The marine faces a truly tough boss battle against the mighty Weyland-Yutani Exosuit
Roasting a praetorian guard. Let's start a campfire and sing a few songs!
Challenging a Predator to a knife fight requires either bravery or stupidity. Either way, you've got a ton of it.
Helping some of your fellow marines fight off a swarm of aliens
A pair of marines open fire on a sinister shadow on the roof...
A nasty, bullet-proof Praetorian drops down to give you a hug
In a final mission to rescue your comrades, you'll face the hordes of xenomorphs with ALICE, the heavily armed USMC Exosuit
The marines come face-to-face with the viscious Alien Queen
Want some candy? How about a spear to the stomach?
Aliens, such as this ticked-off praetorian, emit an electrical current which the Predator alone can see.
The predator takes on Rykov's dropship
Weyland-Yutani security forces battle it out with alien xenomorphs, and like in half-life you get to wipe out whoever wins
The alien queen is NOT a happy camper
Deep within the alien Hive, the Predator faces his ultimate battle against his arch-nemesis General Rykov.
As an alien, you'll be able to toss the bodies of your enemies like so many rag dolls
A.P.E. suits may protect the mercenaries from your acid blood, but they won't help against your razor sharp claws
Battling a Predator while playing as an alien
Dr. Eisenberg's team confronts the all-powerful alien Empress
Inside the alien Hive, your xenomorph family with help you battle Dr. Eisenberg's army of soldiers and combat synthetics
Stepping over the body of his fallen comrade, the Predator leader prepares to confront you in the ultimate battle royale
The alien confronts Dr. Eisenberg, the maniac responsible for the entire mess
Alien creatures can see in the dark as well as (most) crawl on walls, ceilings and air vents
7 seconds from now this sleeping victim will become the host to a new alien fertilization...
See? Alien Impregnations are done by face huggers, just like in the movie
A transport ship, ready to take off
This predator is hunting in the red vision mode (brightness enhanced for screenshot purposes) in order to detect aliens within this corridor
dm_auriga; A deathmatch map based on the ship in Alien 4.
dm_leadworks; Map based off of the prison in Alien 3.
All we need now are some fleeing convicts with thick cockney accents.
dm_colony; Scariest deathmatch map of them all?
Your fellow Heavy Predator invites you to join the hunt.
These trees are just as if they have been specifically created for jumping from branch to branch, high above the human guards.
Hiding in the treetops, the Predator takes a zoomed-in look at an oblivious guard down below.
Just like in the movie, the Predator character lurks around with active camouflage on, using thermal vision to spot humans.
Civilian scientists cower in fear, but no honourable Predator will attack the unarmed.
This narrow bridge is perfect for an ambush... Hopefully the Net Gun will disable at least one of the attackers.