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Written by  :  Clockwork (187)
Written on  :  Jun 07, 2001
Platform  :  Windows

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If you liked the Alien movies, get this atmospheric game!

The Good

The graphics are terrific, and several scenes in the game are straight out of the movies. The marine has a wide array of unbeatable weapons, and in my opinion, the most fun to play. The Predator is very fun to play, because you can be invisible, and sneak up on marines. The alien is quite fun because you can climb around on walls. Each species is unique, and awesome.

The Bad

There aren't enough levels. I finished all the levels, and was very depressed that the magic was over. Some levels may be extremely difficult. The enemies aren't incredibly diverse.

The Bottom Line

This game definitely makes wonderful use of all the source materiel, giving us a wonderful cinematic-feeling experience. Now you can sympathize with what all those people were feeling in the Alien movies. Overall, this is a very fun and addictive, if very hard, game to add to your collection. Recommended.