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Aliens Versus Predator Credits

116 people (64 developers, 52 thanks)


ProducerAlastair Halsby, David Stalker, Liz Stuart
Associate ProducerChris Miller, Daniel Chisholm
Senior ProducerVivian Barad
Music CompositionRich Ragsdale
Sound EffectsJered C. Miller, Ed Cookson
Additional SoundWill Davies, Alastair Halsby, Tim Jones
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael Schneider
Quality Assurance LeadAaron Blean
TestersKen Anderson Jr., Eric Asevo, Sweet Billy, Jon Cesario, Peter Cesario, Kristian Davila, Ryan Dowling, Michael Dunn, Tim Hall, Rod Jung, Igor Krinitskiy, Red Magpantay, Paul Pawlicki, Timothy Ramage, Harish Rao, Seth R. Roth, Nick Stecher, Jeff Tatman, Tim Tran, Sung Yoo
DirectorChris Miller
CastShannon Black, Aaron Jean Mendelson, Craig Kirkwood Jr.
Creative DirectorJason Kingsley
Technical DirectorChris Kingsley
Art DirectorMarco Bertoldo
Lead ArtistAlastair Halsby
Lead ProgrammerKevin Floyer-Lea
Engine CodeKevin Floyer-Lea
Network CodeRichard Rice
Tools ProgrammerRichard Rice
AI ProgrammerChris Fox
Additional ProgrammingJake Hotson, Alex Thomson, David Wall
ArtJulian Breddy, Ed Cookson, Alastair Halsby, Tim Jones
Additional ArtAdam Comiskey, Kevin Floyer-Lea, Matthew Riordan, Ken Turner
Lead AnimatorKen Turner
Character DesignKen Turner
Additional AnimationAdam Comiskey
Character ArtJulian Breddy, Alastair Halsby, Tim Jones
VoiceoversMichael Blanchard, Julian Breddy, April Chung, Nadia Cocklin, Dominic Jeffrey, Rebecca Kneubuhl, Ken Turner
3D ArtistsBrittnell Anderson, Robert Jeffrey, Kelley A. Lamsens, Jeanne M. Littooy, Manuel Marquez, Art Matsuura
Storyboard ArtistRhode Montijo
Fox ThanksAlan Adler, Michael Arkin, Michele Birkner, Priscilla Bourbonnais, Brad Craig, Mark Dawson, Simon Etchells, Dave Shaw, Ellen Gameral, Andrea Griffiths, William Havlicek, Scott Marcus, Matthew Ployhar, Paul Provenzano, Jon Richmond, Jamie Samson, Brian Thomas, George Thorn, Melissa Totten, Tim Weaver, David Wisehart, Michele Macklis
Big Shouts go out to the Folks Who Made the MoviesJames Cameron, H. R. Giger, Elliott Goldenthal, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, John McTiernan, Ridley Scott, Stan Winston, and the many other talented individuals
Big Shouts go out to the Folks Who Supplied EquipmentEarthworks - mic, Eric Blackmer, Steinberg - CubaseVST, Chris Walsh
Big Shouts go out to the FamiliesAll the spouses partners friends children and pets who put up with it all!
Rebellion ThanksLee Brimmicombe-Wood, John Bryden, Patrick Dickinson, Bernard H. Wood, Luke Harma, Roxby Hartley, Jake Hempson, George Launchbury, Shelagh Lewins, Dan Mitchell, Sophie Mobbs, Andrew Nixon, Jessica Sharp, Paul Topping, Ian Tuttle
Personal Thanks toOur friends families girlfriends housemates pets and too many others to mention
Lighting, Camera & SoundTM Productions
...More Folks Who Supplied EquipmentTim Godwin
Uses Smacker Video Technology - Copyright 1994-1999 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Bink Video - Copyright 1997-1999 byRAD Game Tools Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (234563), Corn Popper (68934), formercontrib (158024) and Xoleras (66454)

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