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Aloha Solitaire Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game is available as a time limited download
There is a short delay as the game loads.
The game's main menu.
The level structure is based on a journey through the Hawaiian islands.
A final reminder of the game's objective before the start of the first game. It's the cards in the play area that have to be cleared - the cards in the deck at the bottom of the screen can remain.
The start of the first game. The card backs change on every level.
The timer on the left increases as cards are matched. Here a pair of 4's is being spirited away
Here one of the special cards has been discovered at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately there's no other card of the same number available so it cannot be matched / used
These dancing girls are displayed at the end of each successful game.
The start of level 2. This has different card backs and different scenery to the previous game.
This game did not end well. The next screen gives the option to re-try the level or, because a reshuffle card had been matched during play, to reshuffle the cards and continue.
The start of level three. This is harder and, right from the start, matches are scarce
The start of level four
The game's instructions. Do they really need to explain what a non-match is?
This explains the game's power up cards.
There aren't many options to this game