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Alone in the Dark Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Choose your point of entry.
Loading screen
Scared already?
Meet Edward Carnby.
One of the many and very intense rappelling-sequences.
Extinguishing a fire.
Using an extinguisher as a door breaker.
This doesn't look good.
The inventory
Treating a leg wound.
A first glance on the future main location.
Using a burning chair as a light source.
One of the other survivors
An old friend in a new body
Everything will do to kill a zombie.
Edward burned to death.
Driving through hell to Central Park.
Your trusty PDA
Finally arrived in Central Park.
Hmmm... I wonder which buttons I should press?
You can combine some items. This is a flamethrower I constructed with a lighter and insect spray.
You have to use the games physics to solve some puzzles. I'm using an oar to lift the electric cable out of the water.
Oh no, a zombie is on the roof of my car! I must shake him off somehow!
Zombies are everywhere in the park.... Sometimes it's better to flee than to fight.
From a cutscene with my new-found friend Sarah.
This place is very foggy.... reminds me of Silent Hill...
These mutated bats should prepare for death by electrocution!
This boss monster looks like a dangerous opponent.