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Advertising Blurbs (Developer's website):
    You are an adventure seeker who travels the world in search of forgotten & lost treasures. Search for hidden objects and circumvent unique puzzle traps to recover the Lost Tomb of Ancient Egypt.

    Play over 100 levels with 7 different types of mini-game puzzles. Take on 20 missions traveling to amazing Egyptian locations like the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the River Nile and many more.

    Editor's Review:
    "A truly AMAZING hidden object game. A must have game with over 2000 items to find!" by Spinny

    This Really Is An Amazing Adventure!
    This is one of the best hidden objects games I have ever played. The progression through the 20 different missions is absolutely astounding, because you really feel like you are getting somewhere. The items have been very cleverly hidden in their respective scenes, but this isn't because of blurry visuals or obscured graphics; it's just ingenious placing and a breathtaking level of artistic detail.

    Providing an amazingly authentic representation of Ancient Egypt, you are literally surrounded by the sand-spun visuals of the desert as you are engulfed by mysterious sounds that really give you a sense of adventure and a sense of purpose. In The Lost Tomb, your job as a worldly adventurer is to seek out the lost tomb of Ancient Egypt and to unearth whatever mysteries it may contain. The road to your destination is riddled with challenging puzzles and other obstacles, so you will need a keen mind -- and a keen eye -- to separate the goods from the grains of sand.

    Ancient Egypt is home to some of the most sought after treasures this world has ever known. And you'll have an opportunity to recover them as you make your way across Egypt toward the secret location of the Lost Tomb.

    Revealing Your Next Location
    One feature that I especially enjoyed about this particular title is its sense of purpose. After completing a certain hidden objects scene, having collected the required number of items, you will be presented with a unique puzzle challenge or mini-game. These side adventures offer a fun break from having to scan a highly detailed scenes for everything from clothespins to ancient swords.

    Some of these mini games may resemble jigsaw puzzles both traditional and unique picture swapping. Others offer a tile matching game that will help you improve your memory. Others still get you to spot-the-differences between two seemingly identical scenes. These puzzling adventures would be worth the price of purchase on their own!

    Each completed mini-game is directly related to the next hidden objects scene. For example, you may re-arrange a set of tiles to reveal the location of a forgotten mine and that is exactly where you will be heading next. This sense of purpose is a great motivator and offers a great sense of continuity.

    Tips and Hints
    Considering that you will be embarking on 20 unique missions, over 100 levels and seeking out over 2000 items, you may be well advised to seek out a helping hand. While there are 22 unique Egyptian locations to enjoy, there are certain constants that will aid you in your amazing adventure.

    When you first start this game, you will find one mode called "Find the Lost Tomb." This is the main game mode. However, there is also a "Secret Game Mode" which you can unlock. In order to do this, you will need to find the hidden Scarabs in each scene, so be on the lookout at all times. A total count can be found in the top-left corner of each scene, and when the Scarab is gold it has already been found.

    Also at the top of the screen, you'll see the time you have remaining as well as how many items you have left to find in that particular location. Be careful not to click randomly, as you will lose significant points for doing so. If you need extra assistance, there is a free Hint offered at the bottom of the screen. This hint recharges over a period of time, so feel free to use it as many times as it becomes available but use it at a cost - you only get the Perfect Search Bonus by not using the Hint button!

    The Ending is Fantastic
    The ending is amazing, and I don't want to give the finale away, but let me say this - finding the Tomb is only the first step! After finding the secret location you then have to figure out how to open the Tomb...have fun everyone!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (257026) on May 18, 2011. (English Version):
    Take off on a hidden-object adventure through Egypt! You are a world adventurer, and the Museum needs you to help recover the lost tomb of an ancient pharaoh. Search for hidden objects, collect precious scarabs, and outwit puzzle traps to gather up scraps of a map and track down the lost tomb of ancient Egypt!

    Over 2,000 objects are hidden amid splendid Egyptian locales like the Sphinx, an oasis, a temple and more. And with over 100 levels, seven kinds of mini-games and two game modes, a captivating challenge awaits at every turn!

    * Over 2000 hidden objects in 20 Missions
    * 22 unique Egyptian locations
    * 7 unique mini-game puzzle traps, including Spot-the-Differences
    * Two game modes: "Find the Lost Tomb" and "Secret Game"

    Contributed by jaXen (257869) on Apr 17, 2009. (German Version):
    Reise nach Ägypten, und finde das geheimnisvolle Grab! Als weit gereister Abenteurer machst du dich im Auftrag des Museums auf die Suche nach einem mysteriösen Grab. Unterwegs musst du nach verborgenen Gegenständen suchen und verzwickte Rätsel lösen. Inmitten der prächtigen Landschaften Ägyptens wartet ein fantastisches Abenteuer auf dich. Sammle wertvolle Skarabäen und finde die wertvollen Grabschätze.

    * 20 Missionen, über 2000 verborgene Gegenstände
    * 22 großartige Schauplätze in Ägypten
    * 7 tolle Minigame-Rätsel, einschließlich "Original und Fälschung" ("Spot-the-Differences")
    * 2 Spielmodi: "Find the Lost Tomb" und "Secret Game"

    Contributed by jaXen (257869) on Apr 17, 2009.