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antstream tournament

American Airlines Credits

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American Airlines forJoDee

Credits and Acknowledgments

World Air Simulation would like to thank the following people without whose help the production of this fine piece of work would not have been possible.Jo Dee and Clif[you helped lay the foundations of a great concept we are indebted to your efforts and your help.], JoDee[you will truly be missed.]
American Airlines, Inc.To the employees of American Airlines, and those at the C.R. Smith Museum[Dallas Fort Worth Texas who helped to make this happen.]
Equity Management Inc.To the team at Equity Management Inc.[for their input guidance and assistance in bringing the final edition to print]
World Air Simulation Production TeamTo the staff of the RSA, Steven and George, Brian and Harry, Gordon, Bill, Adrian, Bill[for the flights flight testing and .mdl technical supervision.], Ginny David Carole and Karolin[for all their work checking proofreading formatting], John and Becky[for the layout of manuscripts and packaging. Thanks.], Ariane Studios[for the accurate 757-200 designs], PSS[for the panel work and DC3 and DH66.], Alex Bashkatov (for the work on the gauges), Dimitri and Valentin[for the work on the gauges], For the work of all our many beta testers[ - in patience and long nights. Thanks to you all - you know who you are.], And lastly to our wives and families[ - We appreciate their long nights staying up with us keeping us company on many a long read and editing session as well as the many many late coffee hours shaking out the aircraft.], And lastly to you[ the Flight Simulator Pilot. We made it for you.]

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antstream tournament