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American Civil War: Gettysburg Credits

66 people (48 developers, 18 thanks)

Cat Daddy Games
ProducerHarley Howe IV
DevelopmentPatrick Wilkinson, Peter Liang (Jiawei), Jerry Brummell (Jr), Ryan Wellman, Kevin Steffa, CJ Clark
ArtDan Kircher, Eli Wolff, Fan Yang, Didzis Beitlers, Jesse Dunagan, Mike Sarff, Mac Congrove, Kyle Wilson, Mike Bjorkegren, Stefan Schwartz, Harley Howe IV
Sound DesignKyle Blondin
MusicKyle Blondin
Special Thanks toJames R. Pangburn, Carrie Wilkinson, Sheri Headdy, Seafth Howe, Dustin Wilkinson, Andrew Wilkinson, Jaime Wilkinson, Easton Howe, Maverick Wilkinson, Quinn Congrove, Amanda Wright
Selected Bibliography (Mission Voiceovers)Stephen W. Sears (Gettysburg; Boston: Houghton Mifflin; 2003), Craig L. Symonds (American Heritage History of the Battle of Gettysburg; New York: Harper Collins; 2001), Noah Andre Trudeau (Gettysburg A Testing of Courage; New York: Harper Collins; 2002)

Talonsoft, Inc

ProducerBrian M. McGinn
General ManagerChris Mate
General Manager ThanksFrank Mate (Dr.; Jr.), Christian Mate (Jr.)
Marketing ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Marketing AssistantSandy Wilson
Art DirectorPeter Muench
Sound EditorMatthew Baros
Mission VoiceoversStephen B. Thomas
Additional In-Game VoiceoversMatthew Baros, Timothy Beggs, Rich Koeckert, Chris Mate, Brian M. McGinn, Peter Muench, Stephen B. Thomas
Quality Assurance SupervisorMatthew Baros
Lead Quality Assurance TesterRich Koeckert
Quality Assurance TestersJoe Covello, Adam Egender, Joshua Noll, Lisa Nawrot, Josh Rose
Special Thanks toBen Hamel, Wanda Mitchell, Diana Ranere, Linda Wratchford, Peggy Zoltan
Cover & In-Game Illustrations20th Maine And 15th Alabama, Cleburne At Franklin, Coming Rain, Confederate Glory, It May As Well Begin Now, Little Round Top And The Valley Of Death, Reynolds; Ride To Glory, The Railroad Cut, Wagonmaster Fight, Warriors' Tribute At Appomattox, What Are Your Orders?, Courtesy of Gallon Historical Art [Gettsyburg PA 17325;

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (264277)