Written by  :  Shazbut (167)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2002
Platform  :  Windows

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Incredible design but think what it could have been

The Good

The artwork and twisted imagery of the game is wonderful. It really brings the world to life. The characters range from the amusing to the terrifying. The level design is great. The Quake 3 engine is perfect and the graphics are extremely good. The soundtrack as well is haunting and operatic, making it absolutely perfect for this game.

The Bad

It could have been so much more though. Despite the gloss and style, it's just a platform game. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that you understand. But it could have been something really amazing if the game measured up to the presentation. Falling off the same damn ledge the same damn time really can annoy you. Make sure you're good at platformers. The game also gets repetitive pretty quickly, And the voice acting is varies from great to lame. Alice is OK, the turtle is diabolical, The Chesire Cat is very good. But it's a pity they couldn't all be good because it's a serious game really

The Bottom Line

Glossy, beautiful, imaginative game made by experienced programmers. Although far too shallow to compete with the best games, still enjoyable. Just don't expect Deus Ex or anything.