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American McGee's Alice Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro screen
Choose your level of difficulty
Rockin' school
Looking at a portal in a portal
Alice in a forest
Only in Wonderland...
floating toward school!
Out of my way soldier
Books everywhere
Food for thought
main menu
the credits screen
"Pool of Tears"
Once upon a time, there was a girl name Alice living happily with her family and her imaginary world Wonderland... (intro)
...until one day, her house suddenly burned down and killed all members of her family (intro)
Not being able to cope with the loss, Alice was sent to a asylum for treatment. And she had been there, for a long time (intro)
And she would have been there for several more time if one day, her little rabbit hadn't cried for help (intro)
Falling down a hole, to Wonderland
Village of doom
Cheshire Cat: Alice, meta essence! Meta essence, Alice! I hope meta essence will heal Alice when she needs, and Alice will find meta essence when necessary
Found the Vorpal Blade
Take that, freak!
Killing enemies is another way to earn meta essence
The loading screen also displays Wonderland's map
Hanging ropes
Playing cards - another weapon
When you hold a weapon like the set of cards and come near an enemy, the Targeting Reticle (the blue thing around your enemy in this shot) will appear
The rage box...
...has a really big impact on Alice
Alice: you really think I'm THAT dump, cat? >(
Inside the school
A crying turtle and a crying statue? Now I know why this place is called "Pool of Tear"
A specialty of Wonderland: here you have a chance to ride a leaf!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Should the story end with our heroine ends up being a fish's breakfast?
Underwater world
Not that fish again!
Now back on dry land
That mushroom helps you jump higher
Riding the wind
Chessman: here's the riddle: how can you enjoy the full excitement of a game of chess? I'll tell you: when you turn into a chessman yourself!