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Armchair General (Jul 28, 2009)
Overall, America’s Army 3 continues the exceptional game play that preceded it and provides countless hours of entertainment. Battles are intense yet strategic, and winning comes down to the team that work best together. Teamwork is key to a successfully career in AA3 and is the most rewarding to those players who aren’t looking for the run and gun type of game. Despite its sub-par launch, you will be hard pressed to find another free game that absolutely hits the mark in this popular genre. Those who enjoy the Call of Duty, SOCOM or Battlefield series but wish for a more realistic setting will find America’s Army 3 the perfect solution. AA3 was created as a recruitment tool, and the game can be so addicting that the army may find its ranks increasing after players experience the ideal blend of teamwork, real-world maps and engaging battles.
IGN (Jul 02, 2009)
My experience with America's Army 3 has been very rewarding thus far. It feels like the game has an older, more mature player base than what you'd encounter in a contemporary console shooter, and it's a game that will appeal to those who like realism and tactics. With that said, there are still plenty of problems, such as glitchy animations and weapons bugs, and the entire game could probably get a tightening of its network code to reduce lag. Still, it's hard to argue with the experience or the price (which is free). This is a shooter that's more intelligent than most and that requires more teamwork and coordination, but that makes the rewards of success that much more enjoyable.
GameStar (Germany) (Jun 26, 2009)
Ob mir America’s Army 3 Spaß macht, entscheidet derzeit der Server. Mit einer guten Verbindung und motivierten, hilfsbereiten Mitstreitern ist das Spiel klasse, doch bis man eine solche Partie gefunden hat, können Stunden vergehen. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass die US Army schnell nachbessert. Immerhin will das Militär mit diesem Spiel ja einen guten Eindruck machen. Das klappt momentan nur bedingt.
IGROMANIA (Jul 21, 2009)
Все вышеизложенное для бюджетного проекта можно считать комплиментами. America's Army 3 развивается с армейской основательностью и точно так же по-военному обстоятельно ведет себя с игроками. Цели и задачи здесь формулируются предельно четко, и ты всегда знаешь, за что тебя наградят и продвинут по службе. Но самое главное – после знакомства с игрой действительно возникает желание прийти на вербовочный пункт и узнать больше об армейских перспективах.
Total PC Gaming (Jul 26, 2009)
First-hand army expertise is evident in the gameplay, because environments such as the urban alley and the war-torn village in Impact set the scene for inspired team tactics. It’s unfortunate then that AA3 is beset by a series of niggling bugs that the team is still working to iron out, and that the servers can be hell to get a player slot on, such is the demand. But we suppose that’s what happens when you target a good, free multiplayer FPS at a nation brimming with gun lovers and warmongers.
70 (Oct 20, 2009)
Z pohledu fanouška série tak mnohé chyby hře odpouštím, a ačkoliv tak ubírám této recenzi na objektivitě, nemůžu si pomoci. Hratelnost je to, co rozhoduje. Pokud se v některých recenzích nešikovně upřednostňuje technické zpracování právě nad hratelností, pak v případě této hry učiním právem pravý opak. Fanoušci jdou hrát, ostatní si to mazejte vyzkoušet a rýpalové si mohou strhnout 3 body.
MMOhut (2009)
America’s Army is not your ordinary MMOFPS; gameplay requires a high degree of tactics and cooperation. Unfortunately, a steep learning curve and unimpressive graphics keep AA3 from being all it can be. The game may well be worth a download if only for the sheer novelty value.
Bit-Tech (Jul 12, 2009)
With better looking and more accessible alternatives already littering up bargain bins all over the place there are many good reasons not to bother with America’s Army 3. Unike Arma II, it’s no military simulator, it doesn’t compare favourably as a team shooter and even for free it’s not a great bargain.
We all have to tip our hats to the folks who decide to serve in the military. They do perhaps the most important job of all: they keep us safe so that we can do our own jobs, live our own lives. With America’s Army 3, the US Army is trying to give prospective recruits an idea of what they can expect to experience when they sign up to be all they can be. But with the virtually unlimited resources behind them, you’d have thought that the developers could have created a game that was closer to state-of-the-art than this one is. In the end, America’s Army 3 is nothing more than an outdated advertising tool, and that’s a shame. The men and women it represents deserve better.
40 (Jun 19, 2009)
L'armée américaine devrait se cantonner à ce qu'elle sait faire et laisser le développement de jeux vidéo aux seuls professionnels du secteur, car elle ne sait manifestement pas encore comment concevoir un jeu, malgré 3 tentatives. Voici donc un petit conseil pour elle : avant de sortir un jeu, on le teste et on le débugue. Sinon on expose les joueurs à de grosses désillusions.