America's Army: Operations Credits (Windows)

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America's Army: Operations Credits

Development Team

ProducerMichael V. Capps
Game DesignerMichael V. Capps
Lead ProgrammerMichael V. Capps
Creative DirectorAlex Mayberry
Lead Level DesignerBrian Ball
Level DesignerJim Brown, Scott Maclean, Jesse McCree, Travis Wiglesworth
Design ConsultantGeorge Juntiff
Senior ArtistPhillip Bossant
Additional TexturesJim Brown
Character ModelsChristopher Chang
Weapon/3D ModelsChristian Chang
Lead AnimatorScott Dossett
3D ModelsScott Maclean
Graphic Design / 3D ModelsJesse McCree
Audio EngineerRussell Shilling
ProgrammerChristian Buhl, Kevin Olson, Martin Robaszewski, Stephen Superville
ManagerJohn Hiles
Executive Assistant ProducerRosemary Minns
Production AssistantD. Evan Champlin
Art DirectorAlex Mayberry, Luke Ahearn
InternPatrick Shea, Alex Mohr, Jakob Jungels

HomeLAN Networking Team

ProgrammerBill Monkman
Assistant ProducerJerry Strain
Director of GamingAdam Vener
Game ManagerStephen Vaughn
Director of SoftwareDean Whitlock

Most Dedicated Beta Testers

Beta TesterJim Briggs, Bryan Cella, Dan Crago, Andy del Hierro, Louise Emes, David Kuznicki, Todd Mason, Suzanne Morgan, Ray Murphy, Rocky Napier, Michael Ollis, Charlotte Robinson, Janos Sipos, John Suslavage, Nick Whiting

MOVES Institute

DirectorMichael Zyda
Principal InvestigatorMichael V. Capps, John Hiles, Michael Zyda
Video ProductionJulie Ahearn
Financial OfficerJohn Falby
Network AdministratorJimmy Liberato
StudentDavid Back, Jeffrey DeBrine, Stevan French, Sean Hynes, Skip Morrow, Keith Perkins

Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower & Reserve Affairs

Assistant Secretary of the ArmyReggie Brown
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the ArmyJohn P. McLaurin III
Resources and MarketingMike Sullivan, Tom Evans
Army Brand GroupRobert Strahler

U.S. Army Office of Economic & Manpower Analysis

Concept OriginatorCasey Wardynski
Army Project DirectorCasey Wardynski
Deputy Project DirectorChris Chambers
Army Project Operations OfficerGeorge Juntiff
Program AnalysisPaul Kucik
Game Media Public RelationsLori Mezoff

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Capps (36)