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GameBoomers (Sep, 2007)
I feel confident in saying that anyone who enjoyed A Quiet Weekend in Capri will also enjoy Anacapri: The Dream. The virtual tour of Anacapri might also be of interest to people who don't normally enjoy computer games, but enjoy looking at pictures of scenic places like the Isle of Capri. Anacapri: The Dream is a non-violent game that takes place in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. And unlike most games, it does not require much in the way of a video card.
Przygodoskop (Aug 18, 2007)
Tak, że podobnie jak Weekend, tak i Anacapri, zwłaszcza traktowane z pewną życzliwością - właściwą, myślę, gdy widzi się, że małemu, niezależnemu producentowi (a właściwie paru zapaleńcom) udaje się zrobić naprawdę niezłą grę - zasługuje na 4 gwiazdki.
80 (Jun, 2007)
Indubbiamente di qualità grafica e di contenuti migliore dell'episodio precedente, è un'avventura intrigante per la storia, l'ambientazione, gli enigmi, con qualche orpello foto-turistico di troppo, ma questa è promozione della Bell'Italia e non possiamo che esserne compiaciuti. Da non perdere.
Game Chronicles (Sep 14, 2007)
All in all I enjoyed my adventure through AnaCapri and its safe to say that I would love to actually go there in real life someday. For once, I actually have played an adventure game that wasn’t overly frustrating with its puzzles. There are just enough puzzles to keep me interested and sucked into this beautiful world of AnaCapri.
Quandary (Jun, 2007)
Well it's taken a while and I am still to get to the very end, but I can confidently say of Anacapri the Dream that if you like a lengthy thoughtful ponder in a real environment, you need to play this game.
I’m really not much into adventure games but this game does offer plenty of game play hours. The photography is well done and the music is decent. Some of the voice acting is annoying, but the main characters sound fine. If you like adventure games you will probably enjoy it. There are two possible endings, but one is clearly better than the other. My favorite take away was learning how to play Scopa.
Adventure-Treff (Aug 30, 2007)
´Anacapri – The Dream´ ist kein normales Adventure, weiß aber auf seine Art zu verzaubern. Meine Geduld wurde schon manches Mal auf die Probe gestellt, sei es, weil ich mich verlaufen hatte, oder manche Laufwege schier endlos waren. Die Knobeleien haben durchaus etwas Forderndes, und nach einiger Zeit wurde die Artefakt- und Identitätssuche durchaus interessant. Schade nur, dass mein Avatar gar nichts zu sagen hatte, und das Ganze daher etwas unbelebt daherkommt...
Adventure Island (Nov 20, 2007)
Op sommige momenten was het echt heerlijk om gewoon lekker rond te lopen en te luisteren naar de mooie muziek en prachtige beelden. Maar ik zei niet voor niets "sommige momenten". Het overgrote deel van het spel heb ik me aan veel verschillende dingen lopen irriteren op alle punten van de review. Er is toch meer voor nodig om een goede adventure af te leveren dan alleen veel mooie beelden van een prachtig eiland. Er zitten wat leuke dingen in het spel maar hoger dan een 6 kan ik voor deze adventure niet komen.
GameZone (Sep 02, 2007)
As stated before, AnaCapri is very similar to A Quiet Weekend in Capri. If you liked that game, you’ll like this one. This is a game from a small developer, and is on a presumably tight budget. However, the story and dialogue could still be more polished. Maybe it’s just lost in the translation, but it’s pretty silly. The sheer amount of traveling also takes away from the enjoyment, for me, at least. This game is best enjoyed by players who like a leisurely stroll through picturesque locations, and aren’t too picky about voice-acting or story elements.
Despite outstanding photography, a detailed story line, and moderately good puzzles, the tedium of playing through the extensive environment of the game with insufficient intuitive clues is overwhelming.
Adventure Gamers (Sep 19, 2007)
With such wonderful source material to use, Anacapri: The Dream was already ahead before it entered the race. The sheer number of slides in the game must have taken countless hours to photograph, and the effort pays off handsomely. But it seems that the designers relied too much on the beauty of their setting to enchant gamers. Despite the incredible scenery, this level of dedication was not extended to the rest of the game's elements, seriously hurting its credibility in a commercial marketplace. So while the developers can be lauded for a job visually well done, and Anacapri will no doubt acquire a cult following and a steadfast, hardcore fan base due to its level of difficulty, the vast majority of gamers are probably better off spending their leisure time elsewhere.
Just Adventure (Dec 20, 2007)
So, this is a pretty ordinary game that has potential in some areas. In terms of fun and comprehensibility, this game deserves a D/F but some of the features lift it slightly. I’d give it a C-/D+. I don’t really look forward to the Savareses’ next game unless they make far more radical changes to the game design than those that have occurred from A Quiet Weekend in Capri to now. Another side of me looks forward to seeing more of the beauty of their home so I am a little torn.
Overall, AnaCapri: The Dream has some great qualities, but the tedious gameplay, rancid voice acting, and lack of good puzzles greatly detract from its potential. Players coming to this game seeking a Myst-like experience will be severely disappointed. However, if you are looking for a virtual tour of a beautiful island, you will not find a better product. I only hope that if S&G Software decides to create another game, the developers will focus more on puzzles and gameplay and not try to cram so many thousands of unnecessary scenes in the game. Sometimes, less is more.
I've given Anacapri: The Dream a "Not Very Good" because it's not very good. Ambitious, yes, but still not very good.
GameSpot (Sep 10, 2007)
If it were a relic from the early 90s, Anacapri: The Dream might be worth a play for the nostalgia factor alone. A "so bad it's good" vibe also creeps into the adventure through the voice acting, almost giving you the feeling that you're reliving some fond memory that hasn't aged particularly well. But you're not, and considering that the longing for a bygone day is the only possible reason for playing this backward game, you'll soon get tired of flipping through photographs and move on to something more modern and more competently designed.
Anacapri es tan exageradamente malo que compararlo con desechos humanos es un insulto a la belleza de la biología. De hecho la etiqueta de “juego" es una ofensa a toda la gente que hizo y hace cosas interesantes o entretenidas al menos en el nivel más básico. No, Anacapri no es un juego, sino una presentación multimedia, una seguidilla de fotos feas con audio incorporado.