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GameZone (Oct 03, 2004)
Alien Invasion does what expansions are supposed to do – expands the entire world, though the focus in this one is on community involvement. Players not part of organizations can still participate in the invasion scenarios, but this is definitely targeted toward in-game organizations.
Pelit (Feb, 2005)
Alien Invasionin myötä Anarchy Online jatkaa yhtenä tämän hetken parhaista nettiroolipeleistä. Vaikka sitä alkaa ikä jonkin verran painaa, on se silti yksi niitä harvoja massiiviropeja, joissa on muutakin sisältöä kuin parempien kamojen ja kokemuspisteiden loputon jahtaaminen.
85 (Sep 20, 2004)
AI is the 3rd expansion set of AO. Alien Invasion will once again change the way AO is played. But first of all, lets start with a brief explanation about how this MMORPG works.
ToTheGame (Sep 23, 2004)
To reach a conclusion, I am pleasantly surprised by the way this raid-like content are presented. It's not just set a target and organize for the kill. The affair takes another approach, where you the player actually becomes the target, the hunter becomes the hunted. This is interesting and pretty unique in a MMORPG and best of all, it works.
Game Chronicles (Dec 05, 2004)
As perhaps the most fully realized Sci-fi MMO, Anarchy Online has continued to more completely flesh out the world of Rubi-Ka with the release of Alien Invasion. While it may not do much to attract the new players, the more than welcome addition of player created cities will give wealthy Organizations a new way to flaunt their power. Alien XP will give players in general more options with respect to the development of their character and even if the novelty of battling back the invaders does wear thin after the umpteenth time, there’s plenty of Rubi-Ka to explore.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct, 2004)
Auch in der Erweiterung zum Online-Rollenspiel Anarchy Online geben Sie den Bewohnern keine Ruhe. In regelmäßigen Abständen greifen die Auße irdischen die Städte an und sorgen für Krieg und Zerstörung. Zudem erweitert das kostenpflichtige Add-on Ihr Waffenarsenal um neue Rüstungen und Alien-Wummen.
So: if you’re an existing AO player and in an organization, you’ll need this game. If you’re new to the genre entirely, it’s probably not the best place to start (for my money that would be City of Heroes). But if you’re a veteran who is looking for something with a distinct atmosphere and a loyal and active player-base, it’s certainly worth a look.
GameSpot (Sep 23, 2004)
The Alien Invasion expansion pack for Anarchy Online adds what seems like a lot of intriguing new content, but in practice, it's mostly for advanced players who have already spent lots of time with the original game. Yes, Anarchy Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, which means that you create a character and then go off on adventures in search of better weapons, better armor, and advancement for your character by gaining experience levels. And, yes, Anarchy Online takes place in a persistent online world inhabited by thousands of other players. But unlike other such games, this one takes place in a futuristic world that consists of both hardcore science fiction and Star Wars-like mysticism. And the new expansion does add all-new features to the game in the form of player cities and armies of invading aliens that can attack those cities.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 11, 2004)
Invasion from alien lifeforms is hardly innovative material but is still necessary fodder for the sci-fi genre. It’s a staple to our postmodern psyches; without hostile aliens the Sci-Fi Channel would suck more than it already does. But Funcom has accomplished all of this with an immersive level of style. Rather than adding another landmass to explore or a new job class to bat around, this pack puts players on a united defensive—a rarely explored concept for an MMO expansion. If you’re not alienated from a guild, then Alien Invasion is an inviting option.
HardGamers (Oct 04, 2004)
Anarchy Online : Alien Invasion permet à Anarchy Online de garder la communauté de joueurs active et de lui rajouter un nouveau terrain de jeu. Les joueurs déjà inscrits feront le saut vers cette évolution sans le moindre problème. Par contre, pour les personnes cherchant à essayer un MMORPG, je ne suis pas convaincu que ceci réussira à les convaincre avec la présence de Lineage 2 et bientôt World Of Warcraft.
GameSpy (Sep 29, 2004)
Anarchy Online remains a great-looking game with a welcoming, devoted community. Avid Anarchy Online enthusiasts, most of whom are no doubt members of a thriving player organization, will more than likely love the new content in the Alien Invasion expansion. The aliens are as challenging as anything the game has to offer, and the rewards have kept the game fresh for many. It goes without saying, though, that if you're a solo gamer who prefers to hunt alone, there isn't much here to make the investment worthwhile.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2004)
Alien Invasion ist leider nichts für jeden hochstufigen Spieler. Einzelgänger und kleine Organisationen haben nur im brandneuen Startgebiet Zugang zu Alien-Erfahrung. Wer also meist allein oder in kleinen Gruppen unterwegs ist, brauchst sich Alien Invasion nicht zuzulegen, es sei denn, er oder sie möchte 30 Euro für eine größere Auswahl an neuen Kleidungsstücken ausgeben. Spieler, die zu einer Organisation gehören, sollten sich dieses Addon aber nicht entgehen lassen.
65 (Sep 09, 2004)
Destiné clairement aux néophytes, la sortie d'un pack regroupant la version complète d'Anarchy Online plus l'add-on Notum Wars et la nouvelle extension Alien Invasion semble une bonne opportunité de s'essayer à cet univers particulier dans le domaine des MMORPG. Malgré tout, la réalisation dépassée et le manque de contenu inédit offert dans cet add-on rendent le titre beaucoup moins séduisant que les derniers MMORPG disponibles. Pour les plus curieux d'entre vous exclusivement.
Joystick (French) (Nov, 2004)
Alien Invasion était sur le papier très prometteur : il proposait des attaques rapides, fun, et les villes étaient censées aporter un contenu social important. Hélas, il s'avère plutôt réservé aux joueurs aguerris et haut levels, prêts à passer beaucoup de temps à tuer de l'alien pour faire progresser leur personnage. Si vous voulez essayer ce MMORPG fantastique à bien des égards, les add-on Notum Wars et Shadowlands seront largement suffisants.
Just RPG (2004)
For players considering trying out Anarchy Online for the first time, Alien Invasion is not the best place to start. I would recommend that new players seek out Shadowlands instead, which also has the advantage of being cheaper and having had many of its bugs eradicated. For the existing player, the expansion will primarily be worthwhile for those in large organisations, or those who have exhausted all the existing AO content. Players who spend a good deal of their time solo, or who do not have the spare time necessary to group/belong to an organisation would be advised to steer clear of this expansion, which has its emphasis firmly set on grouping. With so much of the content subject to change, or missing, it may be a while before the expansion is properly balanced, and so players may want to hold off on purchasing this expansion until everything is in place.
Alien Invasion injects enough of a dose of excitement to boost fans' adrenaline levels for a while. You're bound to get a few more months out of the game.