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Anno 1602: Creation of a New World Credits

Max Design

ProgrammingWilfried Reiter, Albert Lasser
GraphicsMartin Lasser, Ulli Koller
SoundMarcus Pitzer


Project LeadJürgen Reusswig, Arne Peters
CoordinationJochen Bauer
Testing and SupportSascha Ramali, Thomas Rosato, Michael Backhaus, Bianca König, Christoph Klempau, Matthias Stiffel, Anne-Katrin Stammer, Daniel Dumke, Marc Huppke, Rico Ottofülling, Sascha Pieroth, Gerald Reimann, Thomas Stahl, Dirk Turowski, Michael Kairat, Sigrid Mischke, Jan Smit, Christoph Reichenbach
Island DesignPeter Keschner, Detlef Richter, Ronald Brand
Sound and MusicStarlight‑Systems
ManualRenate Grof, Bianca König, Falko Löffler
Layout / DTPThomas Rosato, Cordula Hofacker
MarketingRenate Grof, Berit Vidovic, Armin Klinzing, Holger Werner
In cooperation with the BOMICO Marketing-TeamChristian Knab, Anja Melzer, Stefan Weyl
Cover ArtworkBernard Bittler, András Kavalecz
Narrator / SpeakerMartin Arnhold
Special Thanks toAll SUNFLOWER employees, All external partners, All families; friends and relatives of those that made this project possible with their hard work

Max Design

MusicMarcus Pitzer

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Credits for this game were contributed by mo  (1464) and formercontrib (158973)