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Save Or Quit (Sep 06, 2019)
This sequel manages to improve on the original’s concept in every way: it’s worlds are more expressive and better paced with bookended stories, the gameplay feels challenging and different from world to world, and the overall journey feels conversely larger and yet more focused. As a standalone to the series, anyone with a passing interest in action-adventure or Legend of Zelda should take a dive into Anodyne 2. It pushes further into strange territories while decidedly improving gameplay.
Niche Gamer (Aug 22, 2019)
Anodyne 2: Return to Dust is a testament that indies can go where AAA fears to tread. A unique concept supported by strong gameplay that evolves frequently enough to keep you playing- right until it ends all too soon. At the bottom of it all, there is nothing quite like it.
Way Too Many Games (Aug 25, 2019)
If you’re a fan of the first Anodyne or even just a fan of retro-styled gaming, then you should definitely give Anodyne 2: Return to Dust a chance. It’s unique blending of two completely different art styles and gameplay mechanics was a huge risk for Analgesic Productions to take, but in the end it pays off very well. Its thought provoking story, complex characters, and self-aware and deprecating humor make it game that sets itself apart from the rest. (UK) (Aug 08, 2019)
The value of indie period recreations like Anodyne 2 is partly how they resist the chronology of obsolescence laid down by videogame hardware manufacturers. They might harken back, but they don't do so out of mere nostalgia. They are assertions of the validity of aesthetics and methods of structuring and interacting with a world we have been trained to perceive as outmoded - save, of course, for when we're being asked to pay through the nose for a remaster. Anodyne 2 suggests an artform coming into the fullness of its own expression, free to adopt techniques as needed to say something worth saying, without worrying about whether it looks "new enough" or conforms to genre expectations. It harkens back in order to look forward, sideways and within.