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Anodyne Credits

41 people (20 developers, 21 thanks)


A game created byMelos Han-Tani, Marina Ayano Kittaka
Created fromMarch 2012 to January 2013
ProgrammingMelos Han-Tani (using the Flixel library for Actionscript 3)
ArtMarina Ayano Kittaka
Music/SFXMelos Han-Tani (using REAPER and number of free soundfonts)
DialogueMarina Ayano Kittaka (mostly)
StoryMelos Han-Tani, Marina Ayano Kittaka
Japanese LocalizationKakehashi Games, Ryuta Yazawa
Massive thanks to our testers, who suffered so you don't have to!Marina Ayano Kittaka (for suffering through most of the initial bugs), Etan; for constant support since the beginning with many bugs found; and the third human to play through most of the game, Olivia - thanks sis!, Runnan, Nick Reineke, Emmett, Poe, AD1337, Dennis, Andrew, Andrew MM, Carl, Max, Amidos, Lyndsey, Nathan
Sean would like to thankMom and Dad; for their constant support in this endeavor, Sandy, Many TIGSourcers and other devs met along the way, Marina Ayano Kittaka (for making this game possible and improving it in countless ways), Adobe, Adam Saltsman, FlashDevelop devs, REAPER devs, DAME creator, Desura, Gamersgate, IndieDB, TIGSource, And my other friends who have shown their support. Thanks!, Tina Chen (And last but not least; longtime friend; for both support and introducing me to Marina)
Marina would like to thankColin Meloy (for expanding my vocabulary), Jeff Hangartner (credited as Tsugumo; for ''So You Want to Be a Pixel Artist?''), My family; for support and food, Daniel; for being an ''indie game dev'' with me growing up, Mo; for believing in me, Tina Chen (for introducing me to Sean), Melos Han-Tani (for making a game and trusting me to be a big part of it)

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