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GamingXP (Jul 01, 2010)
Das Spiel macht eigentlich fast nichts falsch. Einzig die andauernden Verfolgungsjagden werden mit der Zeit ein wenig lästig. Wenn man zu lange keine Aufträge erfüllt und einfach nur die Stadt genießen will, unterbrechen diese einen immer wieder. Ansonsten kann man sich in San Paro aber herrlich austoben. Die Welt bietet sowohl für Ordnungsfanatiker als auch für Chaostypen genügend Möglichkeiten, sich zu entfalten. Die gute Community-Einbindung und die Vielzahl und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten in den Social-Districts, die zudem frei zugänglich sind, erweitern das Spiel enorm.
Maybe it’s just me, but I hate being ganked repeatedly by someone who doesn’t even have to have your level of skill, just better weapons. Also, there are programs that defeat the PunkBuster protection and allow players to cheat, that the developers haven’t figured out how to catch yet. Imagine being shot through solid walls at a distance that should be impossible for the weapon they’re using, and you’ll understand just how frustrating this can be. But I’ve never seen this kind of out-of-the-box customization in any game I’ve ever played. Despite its other flaws, APB is a fun game, especially if you can find a group of friends to join you who have play styles that compliment each other.
Worth Playing (Jul 12, 2010)
Once you boil down all those numbers, the question remains about whether or not it's worth it. APB is certainly not an MMO in the traditional MMORPG sense, so people who are looking for a grand experience like working your way up to the Lich King or organizing a raid on Altdorf will be disappointed. However, APB takes the multiplayer gameplay reminiscent of other games of its type and expands upon it tenfold. The city isn't quite living and breathing, but it serves as an excellent backdrop for loosely organized gang warfare. Warts and all, APB has enough going for it that gamers who are looking for this type of gameplay on a larger scale will have a lot to enjoy. One hopes that some of the post-release balancing and matchmaking jitters will be ironed out enough to help the game reach its fullest potential.
IGN (Jul 09, 2010)
Maybe you’re the kind of person who can play the same Counterstrike map for hours and hours, and you won’t mind paying a little extra every so often for persistent character growth and maps that are much larger than normal. I’m not that person. APB was fun, but not for long enough to warrant me to buy more time, or to even use all of what came with the game. If, six months from now, a great deal of content has been added to the game, then APB may be a great buy. For now, it’s stuck in limbo.
Despite all its flaws, I still find myself coming back to it, hoping that things will get better. There really isn't much to do other than doing the same kind of missions over and over again, but at least they're a bit randomized. A few mini-games in Breakwater Marina would be nice, or some more activities to do outside of missions in the action districts. For hardcore players, the game's content can be exhausted through rather quickly. The matchmaking is still being tweaked, and more advanced graphical options for 32-bit systems are being looked at. If you do get this game, you will have fun. No other game can really offer what this does all in one. But for how long it will hold your interest and patience is another question. For now, I would play the first 50 hours of free gametime the game comes with, and see if you like it enough to wait for some changes. Hopefully, we won't have too wait long.
Atomic Gamer (Aug 10, 2010)
APB is a collection of seemingly solid ideas that disappointingly, just doesn't gel. By creating interesting factions, incredible character customization, fast action and a unique urban setting, RealTime Worlds tries to emphasize the cool factor of the MMO genre and overcome the more tedious aspects of it. Sadly, repetitive, shallow gameplay and a more or less non-interactive world cripples the fun and then the obnoxious in-game community more or less finishes it off. My advice—you're better off fulfilling your dreams of becoming a famous crime lord by skipping APB and replaying Grand Theft Auto IV.
Edge (Jul 02, 2010)
APB’s odds of survival are, like those of its virtual De Niros and Pacinos, impossible to predict. Even if it fixes enough issues to avoid being labelled the world’s first ‘dumbed-down hardcore shooter’, it seems doomed to comparison with obvious PC staples World Of Warcraft and Counter-Strike. We’d prefer the most obvious one of all: Grand Theft Auto. Adding personal identity, a real sense of ownership, a renewed sense of fun and a newfound relevance to the format Dave Jones helped create, his latest is more valuable than many give it credit for. With a little more law and order – all right, a lot - it might even get away with it.
Cheat Code Central (Jul, 2010)
APB is a fairly unique offering by most modern online gaming standards. It definitely shines brightest because of its deep and fun-to-use customization features. On the other hand, its core, shooter-style gameplay doesn’t necessarily miss the mark either, with the exception of the few bugs and glitches with the visuals and controls. APB is the first game to allow players to take their Grand Theft Auto habits and experiment with them against a large body of potential victims. If you’re looking for some solid shooter fun, character progression, and customization features, APB is probably right for you. And, with the two distinct ways of paying, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got two jobs or you’re unemployed.
Gamervision (Jul 06, 2010)
All Points Bulletin is full of potential. Sadly, retail releases need more than potential. Those looking to jump from another MMO are going to find the content entirely lacking, and those moving in from online shooters will find a third-person shooter system that feels incredibly dated. Some of the issues can be fixed over time, and regular updates will likely see the game gradually improving as time goes on. Other problems might be too difficult to patch, something that fans will find out in the coming months. Adding in additional mission types and cleaning up the combat could save APB, but, for now, it’s worth waiting to see if Realtime Worlds can fix things up. It's a shame, too, a damn shame. There's something very special here, and it would be a shame to see it wasted. Success or failure, expect to see APB replicated, ripped off, and copied completely in the coming years. It's revolutionary in many ways, even if it isn't actually all that great.
Vandal Online (Jul 15, 2010)
All Points Bulletin se ha estrenado con una de cal y otra de arena. La idea es realmente buena, y la manera en la que el estudio la ha llevado a cabo es muy satisfactoria... aunque todavía queda mucho trabajo por delante. Por suerte estamos delante de un videojuego online, lo que implica inevitablemente actualizaciones constantes para mejorar la experiencia de juego, que, si el estudio toma nota, podrían traducirse en un control más depurado, más posibilidades a la hora de realizar los tiroteos y un sistema de conducción mucho más depurado. Esperemos que las próximas actualizaciones incluyan elementos de este estilo, así como diferentes misiones para que San Paro no quede olvidada a las pocas horas de juego.
70 (Jul 02, 2010)
En réduisant considérablement l’importance des PNJ et en remettant la coopération et l’opposition entre joueurs au centre du système, APB : All Points Bulletin était bien parti pour révolutionner un genre désormais retranché dans ses certitudes. Hélas, l’absence de PvP ouvert, le manque d’influence sur le monde environnant et l’instanciation prononcée de l’univers tuent dans l’oeuf une dimension MMO pourtant prometteuse. Realtime Worlds a préféré accoucher d’un jeu moins ambitieux mais susceptible de procurer une dose de fun immédiate, tout en confiant au joueur de nombreux outils de personnalisation. Qu’on apprécie ou non ce parti pris, on ne peut s’empêcher de penser que sur le long terme, APB est condamné à s’essouffler. Pour l’heure, il reste un jeu diablement prenant, à savourer entre potes, un casque-micro sur les oreilles.
APB attempts to combine the feel of an MMO with the PvP of a first person shooter. By themselves, each concept works well. But here, each feels like it only received partial effort. Those looking for a combination of these genres should probably continue looking. If all you want is PvP with an open world set design, other titles like Grand Theft Auto IV have already accomplished this. Add all of this to the recent announcement of more than sixty employees laid off at Realtime Worlds, and I’m not sure what the fate of APB will be.
Gaming Target (Jul 19, 2010)
Despite familiar trimmings, APB is a work of inventiveness and originality. Sadly, it's not one I can fully recommend. If you want to play online with friends, but feel sick of the Gears of War shooter model, or the WoW MMO archetype, APB could be the reprieve you seek. If you want the best value for your money, a game that you’ll play for months, maybe even for the rest of the year, look elsewhere. APB is clever but inconsistent, though Realtime Worlds has proven to be a developer to watch. This game shows that they understood the lay of the land back in 2005, when APB was initially conceived. In the last few years there has been a real sea change in online shooters, and they were too locked into the project to respond properly. I hope they can get the successful social and matchmaking aspects of APB into a more competitive package. They'd better do it soon - despite its flaws, APB is destined to become the game to rip off of in coming development cycles.
Spazio Games (Jul 13, 2010)
APB non è un brutto gioco, si tratta di uno shooter molto semplicistico con un editor di personaggi eccezionale e un ottimo comparto tecnico. Purtroppo, è uno spreco colossale. Il titolo aveva un potenziale praticamente illimitato e gli sviluppatori lo hanno sfruttato davvero troppo poco. Amanti degli sparatutto e della personalizzazione sfrenata potranno sicuramente apprezzarlo per un po', ma un MMO senza reale avanzamento a parte l'acquisto di oggetti e in cui i contenuti sono i giocatori stessi non vale una sottoscrizione mensile. Peccato, si spera che in futuro Realtime Worlds aggiunga parecchie migliorie ma ora come ora sembra davvero un occasione mancata.
GameSpot (Jul 09, 2010)
There's a chance APB is for you. It gives you the tools to make you and your fellow players stand out in an otherwise conventional city. It provides opportunities for explosive moments of driving, gunning, and exploding. But the joys are too infrequent and the frustrations are excessive, while the returns on your investment aren't as high as what you would hope for from a persistent-world action game. APB is different enough to warrant consideration, but with so many refined shooters begging for your time, playing one that requires an extraordinary amount of patience isn't very appealing.
GameZone (Jul 12, 2010)
There’s some great fun to be had piling a group of allies into a car and chasing down opponents. It can be fun enough to make players forget that the driving isn’t perfect, and the shooting needs some major improvements. When APB works, it’s simply bliss. Sadly, more often than not, it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, the imperfect hit-boxes are more apparent, and the lack of a cover system becomes more detrimental. The facade fades, and unless Realtime Worlds fixes the game’s issues with more mission variety or some non-player characters to combat, they will likely see many struggling to find an excuse to purchase their game, or to continue paying once their first 20 hours are up.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2010)
Schade, dass APB es nicht geschafft hat, all die guten Iden auch in ein gutes Spiel zu übertragen. Sicher, Verfolgungsjagden und Schießereien machen in der Gruppe oft Laune, aber die Negativpunkte überwiegen. Für Anfänger ist es auf den zwei deutschen Servern zudem oft echt schwer, Fuß zu fassen, jetzt, da der Großteil der Spieler gute Ausrüstung angesammelt hat. APB ist zwar fertig, aber noch lange nicht vollkommen – da muss noch poliert und gepatcht werden. Vielleicht wird es ja eines Tages das Spiel, das ich mir erhofft hatte...
GameTrailers (Jul 20, 2010)
APB's good points can't be ignored. It's got the best spread of customization features this side of City of Heroes, and the idea of a player-driven combat environment is certainly appealing. But the multitude of design and technical issues hamper the fundamental gameplay and make it hard to enjoy without some serious compromise. Maybe one day, it'll be patched to a level where it can do justice to its ambitions. It's nowhere near there yet, though.
Game Watcher (Jul 20, 2010)
Still, with overhauls of several game mechanics, including shooting, already in the works, you can't help wonder what Realtime World's plan was here. Did they hope people wouldn't notice its shortcomings? Where they conducting some kind of experiment? Did they always plan to do this overhaul? Whilst it's great they seem to have taken on board all of the feedback and come up with plans to address the issues, one can't help but be a tad suspicious of how readily they took to the criticism.
Meristation (Jul 12, 2010)
En definitiva, que All Points Bulletin es una buena idea, pero mal ejecutada. O mejor dicho, una buena idea no suficientemente bien ejecutada. Tiene mucho potencial, pero no se ha explotado aún. A día de hoy el nuevo juego de David Junes nos parece demasiado superficial y simple como para que esté justificada la cuota de pago mensual que se requiere para jugar. De hecho, son sus propios responsables quienes aseguraban durante el E3 de este año que estaban dispuestos a escuchar a los jugadores para ampliar el juego con nuevos distritos, nuevas reglas y nuevas posibilidades. Señal clara de que ellos mismos sabían que el producto que lanzaban al mercado andaba justito de contenido.
60 (UK) (Jul 02, 2010)
Coming from a team of Realtime Worlds' calibre, it should be no surprise that APB isn't dreadful - as I've pointed out, it's polished and accomplished, and certain aspects of it, such as the meta-game structure and the player customisation, are fantastic. Even so, there's no escaping the fact that the game is hugely disappointing. The flashes of brilliance only serve to throw the mediocrity of the game into even sharper relief.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul 08, 2010)
Dem Missionsdesigner von All Points Bulletin würde ich ja gerne mal was erzählen. Nämlich wie man Missionen spannend gestaltet. Wie man Abwechslung ins Geschehen bringt. Einfach wie ein Spiel Spaß macht. Und den Art Designern würde ich gerne mal was von hübscher und abwechslungsreicher Grafik verklickern. Und dem Menschen, der für die Steuerungsfeinheiten verantwortlich ist, dem würde ich … ach, das alles wäre ja ein schier endloses Unterfangen. Genauso wie die Suche nach Spaß und Spannung in All Points Bulletin. Finger weg!
57 (Jul 09, 2010)
In APB geht es ausschließlich darum, der Zielmarkierung zu folgen, wo man entweder einen Knopf drückt oder die Waffen sprechen lässt. Das wäre in Ordnung, wenn es in den Gefechten so donnern würde wie man es von einem Actionkracher erwartet – in San Paro sind allerdings weder die Kulissen auf dem Stand vergleichbarer Offlinewelten noch rattert es in den Schusswechseln martialisch genug. Im Kern ist APB nicht mehr als ein ausgesprochen eintöniger Point&Klick-Shooter; daran können auch die umfangreiche Charaktergestaltung und die Personalisierungsmöglichkeiten nichts ändern. Virtuelle Kleider machen eben keine Leute und das zähe Erspielen neuer Waffen oder Upgrades ersetzt nicht die tiefe Charakterentwicklung eines Online-Rollenspiels. In einer spielerisch offenen Welt mit einem umfangreichen Betätigungsfeld hätte APB vielleicht funktioniert. Die leblosen Kulissen San Paros füllt es hingegen nicht aus.
Level (Sweden) (Sep, 2010)
Det är lätt att avfärda All Points Bulletin som en ofärdig hybrid. Men jag kan trots spelets brister ändå inte låta bli att se ett frö till något stort här. Att delta i en våldsam biljakt med tre främlingar på sin sida och se staden susa förbi medan man laddar revolvern har trots allt sin tjusning. Alltför länge har onlinerollspelen tjurskalligt hållit sig på sin egen kant, fast i sina fantasyvärldar. All Points Bulletin väcker drömmen om något annat. Kanske kan en vidareutveckling av spelet, eller en hågad konkurrents verk, visa hur det egentligen ska se ut. Fram till dess förblir San Paro en dröm.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 27, 2010)
Of je nu een misdadiger bent of niet, uit de virtuele straten van San Paro blijf je sowieso beter weg.
50 (Jul 12, 2010)
Una grandissima occasione mancata e un grande buco nell'acqua da parte di Realtime Worlds. All Points Bulletin è senza mezzi termini un gioco da evitare. Il gameplay è divertente per le prime tre o quattro ore di gioco mentre in seguito subentra una ripetitività talmente sfacciata da far rimanere increduli. Missioni e missioni sempre uguali in sole due mappe di gioco non vengono salvate dalla miriade di oggetti con cui personalizzare il proprio personaggio. APB potrebbe essere paragonato, nella sua interezza, al solo comparto multiplayer di GTA 4. Con buona pace del vecchio Vincent Vega...
GamesRadar (Jul 13, 2010)
Unfortunately San Paro is prime real estate for anyone that comes to an MMO to camp on a roof, which becomes the primary tactic for any faction that reaches the significant point first. With no cover system in place, group-work on these missions is more or less a matter of hiding behind an object or shooting downward. Sure there is some gem of PvP in there somewhere, but you have to work far too hard to get there.
50 (Jul 14, 2010)
This is a case of an MMO that will inevitably evolve within nine months time, but not before it spoils its first impression like an unwieldy teenager trying to impress a Compton street gang. The issues are issues that can be solved through patches, meaning APB is gawky but will grow. But despite RTW's attempt to keep reviewers honest with their week-long embargo, they'll have a hell of a time convincing players to stay on board long enough to experience the game as intended.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jul 05, 2010)
Jag hade hoppats. Och väntat. Hoppats och väntat. Jag har bett till gudarna (nästan i alla fall) om att APB skulle bli fantastiskt. Onlinebaserade gängkrig är en kittlande tanke. En dag kommer ett spel av den här typen att förstöra mitt liv. Dock inte APB. För även om det glänser till ibland är detta en medioker upplevelse som faller på rutten spelkontroll, horribel bilfysik och kass matchmaking. Kanske kan det repareras i efterhand men just nu är detta inget jag direkt vill rekommendera.
45 (Jul 03, 2010)
The game I've been playing this week is a feeble shadow of that impressive first look. While it's conceptually the game we were told it would be, every component is so underdeveloped, the game world so patently artificial. Only the customisation tools stand tall, but even they're of so little consequence that they're almost instantly forgotten. Initially fun, initially somewhat impressive, APB ultimately remains a game that a lot of people are going to aggressively hate. They'll be quite justified in their position, and one suspects Realtime Worlds will have quite some explaining to do.
The A.V. Club (Jul 19, 2010)
Still, sometimes an evenly matched battle will turn into a tense stand-off or desperate chase, and the game’s potential is closer to realization. As an MMO, APB has the potential to show significant improvement over time. Some fixes have been made since launch, and developers are active in discussions about what the game could and should become. It currently feels like a first draft because from a certain perspective, it is. If APB can survive and develop over the next year, it could grow to be more like the game that occasionally peers through.
40 (Jul 08, 2010)
APB had alle ingrediënten om een prima MMO-shooter te worden door zijn ongekende mogelijkheden tot het tweaken van zo’n beetje alles, interessante facties en lag-vrije gameplay. Helaas functioneert datgene waar alles omdraait – het rijden en het schieten – bijzonder matig en is er een schrijnend gebrek aan afwisseling. In 2001 was APB misschien nog acceptabel, maar vandaag de dag verwachten we toch meer.
Gamernode (Jul 22, 2010)
It pains me to write this because I was very much looking forward to APB. The pedigree of Realtime Worlds as a developer along with the idea of a GTA MMO was something that left me excited and hopeful. It has a promising future -- one look at their plans to fix the issues shows that -- but only if Realtime Worlds can deliver on the promises. In its current state though, APB is a mess, plagued with broken core systems that don't work as the developer intended, leading to a game that is more of a chore you have to deal with than it is a game that is fun to play.
Destructoid (Jul 06, 2010)
It's as if the developer had this great concept and felt that the premise alone was all it needed, that making a city and a game that used the bare minimum was "good enough" to sustain such a terrific premise. It's not good enough though. Realtime Worlds is so much better than this, and it's horrible to see that years of effort have produced this substandard, outdated, thoroughly pointless game. You can't even shoot through windshields.
InsideGamer (Jul 08, 2010)
APB is een MMO die je vijftig uur gratis mag spelen voordat je extra gametijd er bij koopt, maar ik vraag me ten zeerste af of er iemand is die over die vijftig uur heen gaat. De game slaat op bijna elk denkbaar onderdeel de plank zo mis, dat het spelen ervan voor grote emotionele problemen kan zorgen. Geen enkel moment heb ik lol APB aan beleefd. In plaats van me weer jonger te voelen en lekker politiemannetje en boefje te spelen, ben ik in een week tijd juist een hele oude verzuurde man geworden…
1UP (Jul 06, 2010)
I do feel a little guilty for trashing APB; developing an MMO is an incredible undertaking, and meeting the needs of your audience can often be impossible. But despite the years of work Realtime Worlds poured into their latest creation, APB still comes off as being woefully underdeveloped, and ultimately unfinished. The LittleBigPlanet-style focus on user-created content is a nice touch, but there's very little game here. What does exist isn't worth your time -- and certainly isn't worth the money necessary to play APB on a regular basis.