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Brash Games (Jan 24, 2011)
Apox is a great RTS and I’ll be online for many months to come, more than likely I’ll be famous for being cannon-fodder, but at least the game keeps me playing, which is a lot more than other RTS’s that are currently out there. The micro-management of resources isn’t too intensive to distract from the combat and the units behave themselves and defend/attack admirably well and winning the game isn’t completely unachievable providing you use good tactics and manage your resources effectively. If you’re going to try an online RTS then try Apox, you won’t be disappointed.
Out Of Eight (Jan 19, 2011)
It is highly recommended you take APOX online and engage in huge battles featuring up to thirty-two players. Ultimately, APOX offers some intriguing ideas regarding resources and weapons but lacks the strategic variety required for ultimate long-term enjoyment.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Mar 01, 2011)
Met de ondergang van de wereld in het vooruitzicht kunnen we onze tijd wel aan wat beters spenderen: aan het herbekijken van de nostalgische Mad Max-films bijvoorbeeld.
IGN (Feb 25, 2011)
APOX is Blue Giant Interactive's first attempt at game development, and it shows. The game plays as if the developers had some idea of what an RTS is all about but failed to dig deep enough to find out what makes for a great one. By creating only a single faction, building in pointless micro-management tasks and making the larger aspects of resource gathering a chore, they sap the game of excitement and remove the possibility of discovering cool ways to outsmart your opponent. With the core gameplay such a snooze, the FPS mechanics are out of place and come off as a gimmicky afterthought that really adds nothing. Add to that a static, nearly-nonexistent online community and APOX becomes an RTS that should really be avoided.
Indius (May 13, 2012)
APOX, c'est de la bonne volonté face au manque de moyens. Proposant quelques idées intéressantes, le gameplay est toutefois mou, fade, et les parties mal équilibrées sont ennuyeuses. Face à l'absentéisme online, le multi contre les bots est sans intérêt, l'IA étant loin d'être au point. L'univers à la Mad Max aurait pu être sympathique, mais le manque de finition et les défauts techniques du titre donnent l'impression qu'on se moque du joueur. Surtout à 15 euros. Les développeurs d'APOX ont voulu faire comme les grandes productions. Malheureusement le pari est loin d'être gagné. Le jeu aurait presque pu être bon si il était sorti il y a 15 ans.