ArcaniA: Gothic 4 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Menu Screen
The hero of previous Gothic games is now Robar III, the new King of Midland, who has sworn to reunite the realm
A map of the realm with the island of Argaan as the next objective of Robar III's expansionist desires
However, the king's mind gets paralyzed by a strange force and he becomes obsessed with an amulet
After the opening, the mandatory tutorial, just in case you forgot what WASD are for
The tutorial was just a dream of the actual hero: a simple shepherd!?
The hero's village where everything begins
You can still interact with objects like beds, cauldrons, etc. But unlike previous Gothics, they don't have any effect on the game-play anymore.
People of Feshyr aren't very nice.
Familiar faces.
When you're damaged, screen turns red.
Arcania offers some very impressive scenery every once in a while.
Castle Stewark's entrance. Castle from the previous picture.
You get three opportunities in the whole game to choose your desired armor between warrior armor, rogue armor and mage armor.
You can't make a Gothic game without Scavengers in it.
Tree of Tooshoo. A place which welcomes Mages of all three gods. Innos, Beliar and Adanos.
It may not look like it first, but a large portion of the game is spent in dungeons and caves.
Throwing a fully charged inferno between a group of enemies never gets old.
There are a couple of quests which give you freedom to choose between two or three options of solving them.
Shadow beasts, just as nasty as ever. ( In terms of appearance at least. )
You can get to important parts of every area faster and easier when you activate these teleport devices.
You can craft stuff after you learn their recipe.
Xardas still uses a skeleton servant.
Unlike previous Gothics, you'll get 3 skill points instead of regular 10 learning points in level-ups. Also you don't need a tutor anymore and you can spend them right away.
The close-ups shown of the main character's face when in dialogue with NPC's
The player walking around a cave
The character using one of the "roleplay actions" that have the character interact with an object for show but it doesn't actually do anything in-game.
The game prompting the player to pick up an item
The player in dialogue with an NPC