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Main menu
Intro: zeppelin attacked by planes
You must find the boy... find the boy!
One of the available pre-made characters, complete with detailed background
Character attributes... well, can't say I created something intelligent here....
Virgil is now your party member. You can always talk to him.
Plenty of information about the game's imaginary world is available
Site map
Lovingly designed world map
Visiting one of the first towns on the way - it's bigger than it looks. My character is not much of a conversationalist, is he?
Some good old basement battles will never harm. Early in the game, I'm still wearing a suit!
Walking into people's houses. I wonder if this halfling wizard would mind if I take a look inside his treasure chest?..
Trading items. The same interface is used for a general inventory as well
Your diary
Full screen mode - get it in the patch. Toggle between the 2 modes by pressing F10.
"You Talkin' To Me?"
Ahh, civilization at last. Arcanum's cities are very large and busy. Here, you engage in a well-written conversation with a lady in a typical pseudo-Victorian environment
Yes, I cast a lightning bolt on a shopkeeper. Much later, when the judge asked me why I'd done it before sending me to the gallows, I said "Because I could, suckers!!"..
Exploring the sewers of Tarant
Prowling. Yup. That's what I do for living'. And I practice this in rich people's houses. Admiring the art and all
Virgil expresses his admiration of your fighting skills
Created a character names Phileas Syme, named by taking two names from two rather influential novels of the turn of the century
Yes, a train in a heroic fantasy world!
I summoned two giant apes to fight those wild wolves in a dark, mysterious dungeon. Then again, I can also cast Disintegrate all by myself. See the results...
You'll also visit more rural areas in this world. The conversations are still bound to be very, very interesting
Bone Butcher, why do you hate me so much?..
The skeleton of the last great dragon: Bellerogrim. - Humm, there's something similar in Baldur's Gate, no?
Sure they're dead ones... Necromancy struck again
A city of elves... Normal or dark ones ? Anyway it's high in the trees
Fire creatures can damage your weapons... and hurt you
In front of a strange statue in one of the smaller settlements. Always something interesting to find. And look whom I brought with me!..
Relaxing in a bar! People have actually heard my story and will talk to me about it
Among those beautiful colored palms, I felt that something changed between me and Raven... I asked her to come closer... We both didn't mind either Virgil or the dog...
Fighting in the snow, it's like winter sports
A hard battle: I used spells to help my party
A magic school (without Harry Potter)
Enemies can light up the fight
Avast Ye Matey? What does it even mean?..
Stonehenge in Arcanum?..
You'll discover more traditionally, yet exotically fantasy-like location in the game. Here is a hidden city with guardians and all that
Battle in mysterious ruins, with a giant statue half-buried in the sand... Raven is practicing her bow; my vorpal bunny attacks a giant spider!..
A conversation with a mythical creature late in the game. Brought three bunnies with me. Come kids, say hello to uncle Kraka-tur!..
Your entire quest has led up to this point
A decisive battle near the game's end
Exploring Vormantown - an additional scenario accessible from the beginning
Playing as a half-ogre; attempting to have a meaningful conversation with a rich guy - and failing at that
Trying to use your pick-pocket skill on this blacksmith....

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  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Screenshot
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Screenshot
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Screenshot
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Screenshot
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Screenshot