Archie Barrel - Case: Hotel Imperial Credits (Windows)

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Archie Barrel - Case: Hotel Imperial Credits


DirectorVitaliy Bardalim
Author of IdeaAlexandr Schukin
StylistBrother Fox
Dialogue AuthorsGennadiy Lenok, Yuriy Pomortsev
Senior ProgrammerVladimir Derkachev
ProgrammerPeter Winichenko
AnimatorsPavel Barnev, Marina Nefyodova, Valeriy Kashorik
3D ModellerEvgeny Melkov
Technical ConsultantBoris Voskov
Interior DesignEvgeny Melkov, Brother Fox
Video EditingYuriy Nikolskiy, Pavel Barnev
Sound ArrangementAlexey Zharkevich
MusicRoman Frolov
Song "Oh, Glendora" Performed byJive Pipes
Objective CriticismAlexey Gluk, MoonRat
Non‑objective CriticismMaxim Serkov
Different stuff (artistic and others)Gennadiy Lenok
ToolsKonstantin Cherviakov

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