Ardennes Offensive Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Intro movie
Starting out, and greeted by a German soldier right away
Exploding fuel barrels can be used to kill enemies
Got myself a rifle
Mission objectives
Found a rocket launcher
Using said rocket launcher to destroy a tank
Found some dynamite
A bridge that I need to destroy
Blowing up the bridge
Found some barrel of chemicals that I'm about to destroy
I didn't know Germans could fly
I've entered a bunker
Machine gun battle
Shoot out in the diner
Found some maps
About to tinker with their radio
Using a hand grenade
Germans guards on the bridge
A train with explosives
I've placed some dynamites. Now, get out of there!
In the sewers, hoping the rats don't bite
Disarming a mine
Entering a town
Using sniper rifle
A pick of intelligence I'm about to pick up
A spy who picks up my intelligence
A German plane passes by
An allied camp that needs to be defended
Seeking cover from a tank
Mission failed